The Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers squared off in a double-header yesterday. That’s cool and everything, but, honestly nothing matters right now unless we’re talking about Joc Pederson — who hit not one, but, two homers to the friggin’ MOON.

The first of which was ‘eh…’, only 477 feet — 5 rows deep into the second deck at Coors Field, right center field.

The second came only a few hours later, this one tallying 480 feet — the official season-high for longest home run of the 2015 season.

Disclaimer: NSFW.

When it landed TWENTY rows deep, DEAD center field (~415 to the fence) — even Clayton Kershaw was like…×6jrwxX

Despite batting a paltry .254 thus far, Pederson now has 14 home runs this season — and is on an absolute tear. Honestly, he could bat .054 for all I care … as long as the 1 hit every 20 at-bats looks like this, he’s got my vote for MVP.