Ouch. 60 pitches, 11 runs, four home runs … THREE outs. There’s bad starts, there’s getting rocked, and then there’s whatever Jeremy Guthrie gave us on Monday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. I’ve never seen anyone get shelled quite like this.

Brett Gardner got on base to start the game and was driven in by a Chase Headley homer for a very quick 2-0 lead. But don’t blink, A-Rod got a hit in the next at bat, followed by a walk to Mark Teixeira … followed by a three run dinger for Brian McCann. 5-0 … no outs.

The Yankees were all over Guthrie literally from the first pitch on Memorial Day.
The Yankees were all over Guthrie literally from the first pitch on Memorial Day.

After finally recording a pair of outs, the Yankees got back at it. It was Gardner, who in his second at bat of the first inning, clubbed another three-run homer. Guthrie finally found his way out of the inning looking up at an 8-0 hole after throwing 47 pitches.

Maybe Guthrie could come out calmed in the second inning and keep the Royals from having to dig into their bullpen so early, though? Or maybe not.

Zero outs and two more base runners later it was Stephen Drew at the plate. And for the third time in Guthrie’s short day, he allowed a three-run homer. 11-0 Yankees. Guthrie got three outs in 1+ inning pitched and was done after shooting his team in the foot and leaving them with no chance of winning.

14-1 was the final score, so if you’re the Royals, at least it came on a day you didn’t get much offense anyway. But that’s a pretty optimistic way of looking at what was one of the historically worst starts of all-time.

Good day to have some Yankee bats in your lineups. Better luck next time, Jeremy.

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