Jake Arrieta had a pretty fun road trip out in Los Angeles this weekend. He helped stopped the Cubs 4 game losing streak like the #1 Ace he has somehow crafted himself into… And he had maybe the greatest postgame outfit of all time too.

The Dodgers have protested a Starlin Castro error in the 3rd but hey a NO HITTER IS A NO HITTER MAN! LEAVE JAKE ALONE! LET THE BOY WATCH!!!

Despite no-no’s becoming less crazy/rare in the MLB, it’s still an accomplishment to cherish while you have it. Staying hydrated is ALSO key..





With the month Jake just had the Hall of Fame might come calling for that Powerade-sweat-soaked jersey. It wasn’t only last night, dude has been literally untouchable for the last 30 days yo!






But enough about all that lame baseball stuff. Let’s get to the REAL winner of the night… Jake Arrieta’s onesie moustache pajamas. Joe Maddon you cool hippie manager son of a gun!





Would love to give full credit to Jake, obviously he was Alpha enough to buy those PJ’s, but kudos to Joe for forcing every Cubs player to wear pajamas on the flight home. That’s that kind of team bonding I DO like. And I need every single thing pictured here. Go Cubs Go indeed!




Onsie trip LA✈️CHI

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