un-REAL is right. I dunno if the planets are aligned or there actually is some magical Force controlling things, but either way this is downright insanity. Of course I’m talking about Foul Ball Guy and his ridiculously impressive/annoying ball retrieving skills. Absolute legend of the ball game dating way back to the early 2000’s.


(in 2006) The last time I got shut out (from getting a foul ball) was 13 years ago in September of 1993


And somehow, someway; he was in the perfect position to catch A-Rod’s 3000th hit slash opposite field homerun. When’s the last time he drove a ball the other way? un-REAL


foulball1 foulball2

Foul Ball Guy remains undecided on what will become of #RodBall3k. On Thursday night someone tweeted him asking what he’d do if he caught the 3000th hit… LOLOLOL


“I’ll give him the finger and a dummy ball. That man deserves favors from no one, least of all a fan.”


Looks like it might awhile/forever until A-Rod gets his little baseball back folks! Foul Ball Guy may be a giantic nerd unlike the world has ever seen, but at least he’s a nerd that defends true justice in Gotham City. He can shag fly balls in batting practice for my team anyday. And by he I mean this guy