Golden State may have Strength in Numbers but good lord Yasiel Puig has strength in biceps. BIG ONES. Last player I remember snapping bats with that much ease was Big Z aka El Toro aka Psychopath Maniac Extraordinaire Carlos Zambrano. Before that, Bo Jackson. Zambrano was just an angry Venezuelan…

Bo and Professor Puig are just straight up freaks of nature. The strength side of it isn’t even the point. DUDE WHAT ABOUT YOUR LEGS. I will never understand how this doesn’t hurt.     



Unreal. Yea hitting for the cycle is arguably harder/less common than throwing a no-hitter…butttttttt gimme bat snap ability all day errrrday. Chicks dig the long ball and they also dig adamantium quads that would make an Adonis weep. Puig has it all!



PS: Yasiel please adopt me immediately so I can learn how to be strong like my poppa father and snap bats for breakfast, THANKS.