Charity so hot right now, Charity. The Indians Bullpen has been up to all sorts of mischief over the past month. First it was Brandon Moss’ 100th homerun ball and most recently Francisco Lindor’s first MLB hit. In each case they held the ball for absolute ransom, complete with a list of ridiculous demands… expensive demands. Luckily for Brandon Moss, Apple CEO Tim Cook stepped up and covered all the requested items.

That’s when the Indians Bullpen decided to get their Haley Joel on and pay all that goodwill forward. Each player bought an iPad and presented it to a Boys N Girls Club member before the game last night, proving that Ransom is always spiritually rewarding. YAY RANSOM! For their next trick, the Indians should have Donnie Baker come in and teach the kids a thing or two about the fundamentals. That’s a gift that just keeps on giving. I swear to Got man.