Congrats to the NY Mets for joining the Chicago Cubs in the most exciting yet despair ridden NLCS in MLB history. I can’t remember a Division Series that had just about every game become an absolute thriller like it did this year. There were crazy plays, DEEP homeruns, questionable rule calls, and flaming pitches happening in what seemed like every play.

The Mets owe a lot of thanks to their young stud pitchers but most especially Daniel Murphy. Out of nowhere he became the hero of the game and Gotham City with a heads up baserunning play early and the go-ahead homerun late…       



Noooooo kidding Daniel although having a 23 year old starting pitcher named Thor come in to throw HAMMERS helps a lot too..  




But who cares about all that baseball stuff? MOST importantly… LET’S GET TO THAT SLIP N’ SLIDE BABY!

(and all players that have any value whatsoever please refrain from going anywhere near this…)


RIP to all the spilled beer in LA last night… at least it went to a good cause?      








PS: Yes Bartolo Colon still rules and YES I can’t wait to watch him bat/do anything in the NLDS.