Winning the Rookie of the Year Award is an honor that most young baseball players can only dream of — because those who are lucky enough to win it are usually on a supersonic path to stardom.

Well: Houston’s Carlos Correa, the 2015 American League Recipient, reverberated this hypothesis on Monday — cashing in the honor for the (reported) biggest sponsorship deal in Adidas history.

In a statement following the announcement, Correa said: “”It’s something surreal. I’m just living the dream right now, and working every single day to try to get better and try to get those kind of deals.”

Lord knows how much money this deal is actually worth, because James Harden is currently signed to a $200 Million deal with the same company — however, one thing we are sure of: Correa is one of the best players in the league … ALREADY … and every dollar he earns is certainly well-deserved.