We have a 15 game slate that should provide us a lot of scoring tonight. These guys listed below should be able to continue their hot hitting trends tonight, as none of them have to face off against Jake Arrieta tonight… Let’s get to the hitters!

Kris Bryant (RIGHT) (CHC vs. CIN) – $4,900

Opposing Pitcher: Jon Moscot


Bryant went absolutely nuts last night, putting up 49 DKFP. He had 4 hits, 2 homers and 6 RBIs. He has also hit a .300 BA in the last week. He faces righty Jon Moscot tonight who has a 4.76 ERA on 5 innings this season. Moscot had a .715 OPS against RHB last season. Bryant, in comparison, has a handedness wOBA of .370 on the season. Bryant’s huge game yesterday and his .501 SLG% definitely makes me want to have some exposure tonight.

Bryce Harper (LEFT) (WAS vs. MIN) – $5,400

Opposing Pitcher: Kyle Gibson


Harper is one of the best hitters in baseball (if not the best), and his price tag reflects that. He was on a string of 15+ DKFP games, then he had a small hiccup. Last game he got back on track and homered while posting 14 DKFP. Gibson is having a decent year and has registered a 3.75 ERA in 17 innings. He is a righty that has a .761 OPS against LHB. Harper has a .476 handedness wOBA and a .701 SLG%. If I can afford him tonight, I am definitely playing him.

Dexter Fowler (SWITCH) (CHC vs. CIN) – $4,700

Opposing Pitcher: Jon Moscot


You didn’t think I would let you get through the article without bringing up another Cub did you? Fowler has strung together 4 straight games with a hit. He has a BA of .393 on the season and doesn’t look to be cooling down. Moscot is mediocre at best and Fowler can switch hit, which means he makes it work every night. I love Fowler’s spot in the order and can even get behind his .331 handedness wOBA tonight. Another night for a Cubs stack… only tonight it won’t be contrarian.

Colby Rasmus (LEFT) (HOU vs. BOS) – $4,000

Opposing Pitcher: Steven Wright


Rasmus trickles down to the price point I usually like to pay for hitters. He has at least a hit in the past two games and is batting .311 on the season. He also has an OPS of 1.156 on the season and will try to work Steven Wright tonight. Wright has yet to post a win this season, but does have an ERA of 2.13. He is a righty that has a .697 OPS against LHB. Rasmus and the Astros are projected to have the 3rd highest run total on the night and Rasmus is 4th in the order. I will definitely have exposure to Rasmus and the Astros on the evening.

Lucas Duda (LEFT) (NYM vs. ATL) – $4,100

Opposing Pitcher: Bud Norris


Duda has been on fire over his last 3 outings with a homer in each game. He faces Bud Norris tonight who has not been great this season. Norris has a 6.23 ERA in 17 innings and a 1.004 OPS against LHB. Duda has a 1.167 lifetime OPS against Norris (only 3 ABs), and he is just too hot to stay away from tonight. It wouldn’t surprise me to see another homer in this one and make it 4 in a row.