There’s no polite way to put this: the Toronto Blue Jays mash shit.

As of this moment, they currently lead Major League Baseball in…
  • Runs Scored (709 … 102 more than second place)
  • RBIs (677 … 95 more than second place)
  • Homeruns (180)
  • Slugging (.450)
  • OPS (.785)
On Sunday: Toronto’s Edwin Encarnacion extended his career-long 25 game hitting streak by hitting his 30th home run of the season. Encarnacion has now recorded 35 RBIs during August, which has pushed him past Carlos Delgado for the most single month RBIs in Toronto Blue Jays franchise history.

To celebrate the Blue Jays achievements and commemorate Toronto’s amazing offensive season, a YouTuber by the name of “Tim G” montaged every single Blue Jays HR this season to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “God’s Going to Cut You Down”.