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Biggie Dancing

In honor of the greatest hip hop artist of all time, Biggie Smalls (AKA Big Poppa, AKA Notorious B.I.G. AKA Christopher Wallace), we’ve put together a Starting Pitcher list with 10 rappers of the 90’s!

Rappers Playercard

Couple takes on the list – First, for me, obviously I’m taking Biggie at $9,300. Absolute STEAL. Fire Jams = Fire Arm. Strikeouts for dayz.

Next, I’d probably go Missy “MISDEMEANOR” Elliott at SP-2. Value play like you read about. Easily has 30-point potential, with a floor of 15-20. #WeGonMakeYouLoseControl

Missy Elliott

However, it’s tough to go against some of these other artists. One thing I wonder, how do the group SP’s work? Are all the members of the group throwing at the same time? Or, do they throw one pitch at a time in alternating order? Definitely factors into the equation. Because if the Wu-Tang Clan is throwing heat at the same time, they’re EASILY being built into my lineup.


Also, my toughest decision was going against Tupac. Largely considered the G.O.A.T. by many, he’s undeniably deserving of the high price. I’m fading him, though. He’ll be highly owned, which doesn’t bode well for GPP’s.


Finally, shout out to Weird Al Yankovic. Parodies for days! Don’t tell me what he did/does isn’t hard. Ultimate “Boom or Bust” candidate for a lineup, though. He could shut down an opposing team with an electric flow, or he could FLOP hard with a lame lyric. Choose him at your own will.

Weird Al

Long live the G.O.A.T., Biggie Smalls. Follow me on Twitter, if you’re up for it – @ethanlap.