If we have Rowengartner throwing out the first pitch then we NEED Bartman to be chilling in left field too right? Have Doc Brown bring a billy goat on the field and let Will Ferrell get his Harry Carey on in the booth? I would love to see this series get extended but unless the Cubs whip out EVERY superstitious juju power they have I just don’t see it happening.

Something we’ve (surprisingly) learned this postseason is 1 Daniel Murphy is equal to about 1000 Rowengartner’s and any number of goats. Murphy went yard AGAIN last night and is now passing by Beltran territory and rapidly approaching Lou Gehrig Land. Isn’t baseball wacky?  


LOL @ no matter what Daniel Murphy does this postseason the Mets still won’t give him a new contract. Might be more funny that he’s taken over the King of Gotham role from Matt Harvey Dent though… who could’ve seen that coming?

Oh wait nevermind.