God Bless Minor League promotion teams. They really do have all the fun. If your mouth is watering for this monster head on down to Fresno May 21st because the Grizzlies, Triple-A affiliate of the Astros, have a SWEET weekend planned. It’s not just deliciously evil foods; there will also be a Haunted House set up in the ballpark all weekend with beers ‘n guts flying everywhere! This is all part of their “Halfway to Halloween” campaign which will also coincide with a Mud ‘n Blood Zombie run. Fresno can’t stop won’t stop!




As for the Frankenslice well that was the creation of a true madman…

“The idea for the Frankenslice comes from [Grizzlies director of marketing] Sam Hansen, who was trying to pair something with our Halfway to Halloween promotion,” said Grizzlies communication manager Ryan Young. “Enter a certain food vendor. … We call him the Bobby Flay of the ballpark [his real name is Justin Dukes]. He has a smoker and peach wood that he cooks everything over it. From tri-tip to the Frankenslice, he’s down to cook it.”

LIGHT EM UP YA MANIAC! Extra cheese/guts for me please