It’s been quite the whirlwind of a week for Foul Ball Guy. Since catching A-Rod’s 3000th homerun hit FBG has been pimpin all over the world giving out interviews, arranging charity donations, begging for Twitter follows, and somehow even finding time TO CATCH MORE FOUL BALLS. un-REAL! I wonder if A-Rod is going to exhibit any chill and follow through with this..


The only way to combat someone with zero chill? Troll Lyfe.    



Well actually there is another way… hob nob with celebrities till you get some of that shine



And when in doubt, ALWAYS return to the scene of the crime…



He’s no Miguel Cabrera but Foul Ball Guy is down with the cool kids



Also don’t forget a nice lil mic drop to wrap things up…



So absurd and yet I totally believe it. Foul Ball Guy is un-REAL.