Apparently it’s National “Positional Players Pitch Late Inning Situations” Day across Major League Baseball because we were treated to multiple instances of my favorite occurrence in all of baseball – positional players PITCHIN’

Granted this only happens in absolute train wreck games, but the world stops when it does.

So let’s play “Rate that terrible pitcher”


*OPTION A: Jake Elmore – Tampa Bay Rays*


*OPTION B: Nick Franklin – Tampa Bay Rays*


*OPTION C: Jeff Francoeur – Philadelphia Phillies*



YEA! HAVE A DAY GENTS! Reminds me of crushing MVP Baseball ’05 back in the day. Anybody could pitch at ANY time and generally hurling junk with your Rightfielder was always entertaining.





But the happiest guy of all? That would be Nationals Catcher Wilson Ramos. Coming into the game he only had 4 homeruns…but guy LOVES hitting dirt and added two taters to his total …



Crazy night in baseball but typical night in Philadelphia. Yo you guys ever gonna get your shit together or nah?


I’ll take that as a resounding NO.