It’s the time of year where MLB teams head south for Spring Training and start ramping up towards the first pitch of the coming season. Opening Day across baseball is right around the corner and all season long DraftKings will be hosting huge tournaments to bring some of the joy of America’s Pastime back to the game. DraftKings will be handing out over $300 Million in prizes this season, so whether you’re a seasoned daily fantasy baseball veteran or looking to try it out, now is the perfect time to be playing daily fantasy baseball!



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Opening Day MLB Contests

Below are some of the featured MLB contests on DraftKings for Opening Day:

TournamentEntry FeePayoutsEntrantsFirst PlaceLink
Slugfest$20$500,00028,625$50,000DRAFT NOW
Perfect Game$300$200,000740$30,000DRAFT NOW
Grand Slam$1060$100,000100$20,000COMING SOON
High Heat$100$100,0001,111$10,000DRAFT NOW
Moonshot$3$100,00038,315$10,000DRAFT NOW
Double Up$5$40,0009,078$10 (50/50)DRAFT NOW
Check Swing$12$25,00023872,000COMING SOON
Flare$2$25,00014,375$2,000COMING SOON
Line Drive$530$20,00040$5,000COMING SOON
Pinch Hit$50$15,000333$2,500COMING SOON
Knuckleball$5$15,0003,450$1,000COMING SOON
Solo Shot$1$15,00017,250$1,000COMING SOON
Quarter Arcade$0.25$5,00023,500$250COMING SOON
Opening Day Salaries

You can start building lineups and getting excited about Opening Day in any of the contests above, but here are the top 10 priced players by position for the Opening Day Contests!



MLB Scoring and Rosters

For those new to DraftKings MLB, or those looking for a quick refresher, here are the scoring and roster structures for daily fantasy baseball contests: