This is why there is no negotiating with terrorists. Just 2 weeks ago the Indians Bullpen pulled the same stunt and refused to give Brandon Moss his 100th homerun ball…UNTIL DEMANDS WERE MET. Somehow Apple CEO Tim Cook took notice of this Taken nonsense and decided to Good Samaritan like WHOA.  

Unknown if the CEO of Lube is gonna step up too but regardless there’s now another price to pay. Indians top prospect Francisco Lindor got his first ever basehit in The Show but the celebration was short-lived. Almost immediately the ball was gone without a trace…until the Indians Starting Pitchers sent this


I would rather negotiate with 1000 terrorists instead of 1 Agent Bauer. How can Lindor ever expect to get this ball back? RIP  

 This is someones cherished memory we’re talking about here! Cmon Starters don’t be like that, he’s just some poor little kid be kind will ya!






PS: Got emmmm #PrayForZep