Have a day Chicago! After their Wild Card win on Tuesday, it’s understandable that Cubs fans are downright giddy about their World Series chances. So much so for one fan that he got #1 ACE and probably Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta shaved DIRECTLY into the back of his skull. THAT is commitment to the cause folks!

Not to be outdone the losing fans of that Wild Card game made some serious noise too. It’s not as cool and it’s WAY more sad but hey it still counts right? Gotta fix that “Pittsburgh Pirates 2015 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS” tattoo somehow…



Tough sledding for PGH fans but that’s what you get for expecting the Pirates to ever score a postseason run. At least we still have a lot of cool underdog teams to root for, most especially the NY Mets. Likely their season will end in heartbreak and despair in the most terrible of ways.

But until then? Let us celebrate the magic that IS Big Sexy Bartolo Colon.

Need a Cubs-Mets NLCS in the bestest worst way..