Mom Swaggerjacks Father’s Day at Oakland Athletics Game




Dad Reclaims Swag Via Homerun Catch At Giants Game



The Bay Area is just ON FIRE right now. As if hosting Superbowl 50 and throwing NBA Championship parades weren’t enough… now everybody on the Best Coast is catching baseballs with the highest degree of difficulty possible. And not just difficult, this shiz is downright dangerous! What if you misplay the ball and it slams right into your babies domepiece? DOWNGRADE. Plus you could have maniacs like Foul Ball Guy creep creepin, coming outta nowhere to do WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR THAT FOUL BALL BRAH. It’s not all cupcakes and crackerjacks out there.

The real question here is which catch was harder? One was a foul-ball, one was a home-run; both caught one-handed on the absolute fly with a baby on the side…hmmmmm. Actually come to think of it, this wasn’t even the best homerun or foulball catch this weekend. Nope that honor goes to this lady in Washington who has more Swagu n’ Nattitude than anyone out there. Forget babies…SHE CAUGHT IT HOLDING TWO BEERS. And it was one of the only balls touched off Scherzer all darn day. Honestly more impressive than anything Foul Ball Guy has ever done.    




PS: More impressive than everything combined? Star Wars Night. ALWAYS.