Aroldis Chapman put on a show for the ages in the 9th inning of last night’s 2-1 win for the New York Yankees over the Baltimore Orioles.

Chapman, who in 2010 set the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown in MLB history with a 105.1 MPH rocket, hit that mark again last night. And while the 105 MPH pitch was impressive, so were the other FIVE pitches he threw last night:

Chapman’s arm must actually be a rocket launcher, because this just doesn’t make sense. The Cuban Missle’s five hardest pitches last night ranged as follows:

  1. 105.1
  2. 104.9
  3. 104.4
  4. 104.3
  5. 104.0


Great job by Nolan Reimold, J.J. Hardy, and Ryan Flaherty during their at-bats last night. They fought valiantly, but just weren’t enough to overcome Chapman’s heat.

With the Yankees reeling and looking like sellers in advance of the trade deadline, we could be seeing Chapman flame-throwing with a new team soon enough. Prayers to whichever batters may have to face him next…