Is there a better deal in sports than being a bullpen catcher? I’m pretty sure you don’t even need actual baseball skills to be one. Don’t have to worry about framing pitches or calling a game or taking hacks. Literally just squat down a bit after you watch half of a free baseball game and after that boom you’re done. Way to warm up those arms dude WE NEEDED YOU FOR THAT.

The best part is, no one on the team is threatened by you taking their spot so everyone adores you. All the crazy fun real players can’t worry about fall right into your lap. Aka breaking the record for most Philly Cheesesteaks eaten in a 4 game series. Let’s see what Milwaukee’s Marcus Hanel can brew up for the visiting team..






Congrats Marcus you did it! Although if you were a real hero you would’ve tweeted a thank you to the janitors at Philadelphia International Airport.