Over the years, Barry Bonds has trashed his reputation. Through all the steroid accusations, he lost the respect of the fans, but always maintained his arrogance. Now, he’s back at it, and this time, he’s defending Alex Rodriguez. Barry always seems to know the right time to speak up, huh?

In an interview with USA TODAY Sports, Bonds said that he’s rooting for A-Rod to pass his godfather, Willie Mays, in the all-time home run standings. Mays sits in fourth place with 660 homers, while A-Rod is now just five behind the legend.

Bonds can surly relate to Rodriguez when it comes to what it feels like to be booed
Bonds can surly relate to Rodriguez when it comes to what it feels like to be booed

The part that angers Bonds is that the Yankees have no plans to celebrate Rodriguez’s achievement when it happens. They don’t even plan to acknowledge it at all. Everyone knows why, and most agree with the Yankees choice. But as always, Barry here just keeps proving how out of touch with reality he is.

The Yankees could try and celebrate A-Rod’s milestone, and they could probably make some money off of it, but it would be exactly what baseball doesn’t need. The home run records are tarnished — something we can thank Bonds for in large part — and the Yankees are taking a stand. Now, it’s important that they are likely taking this stand in an attempt not to pay A-Rod’s $6 million bonus written into his contract for passing Mays, but the Yanks are taking a stand nonetheless.

The Yankees have a fantastic case. The home run will certainly be considered tainted, so why should they have to pay for it? I think that idea seems to make sense to everyone but two people: the guy who will be hitting the home run, and the only guy people hate more than him.

“Why the hate?” Bonds asked.

If he doesn’t understand now, maybe he never will. But when A-Rod does blast numbers 660 and 661, Bonds will be the only person not wearing a Yankee hat that’s applauding.

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