2015 has really been the year of the Baseball-Baby Catch… foul balls and homeruns have never been caught more absurdly and quite possibly never caught more dangerously. Our most recent Dad of the Year hails from the outfield of Angels in Los Angeles and holy heck HE WANTS THAT HOMERUN BALL!

Must’ve had an angel looking over him too because I can’t figure out just how he avoided eating absolute dirt/murdering his child here..







Luckily he survived but unfortunately everything comes with a price in life. He may have saved his kid but there goes the ball rolling away… maybe the Usher will help him out?








Props to the Angels broadcasting team for hooking up this guy with the ball he so desperately needed. And that almost falling over the railing business? No sweat, think his daughter is having a swell time at the ballpark now..







It’s a Hollywood ending for sure but if you want the bigtime baby catches you gotta head over to the other side of LA. They straight up feed their seed while they do it…








PS: “Do I look like a happy guy to you Frank?”