Derek Jeter, the long-time Yankee Captain, gets all of the love and admiration. He had an entire year of opposing teams wishing him well in his final season. He won rings, he dates supermodels and he stays out of the public eye. As Alex Rodriguez goes into his retirement tour, let’s take a look at why he was truly a better Yankee ballplayer than Derek Jeter. Rodriguez, in a lot of ways, is the anti-Jeter. He’s perceived as selfish and his PED antics have been well publicized. But the Alex Rodriguez vs Derek Jeter debate on the diamond wasn’t even close. Rodriguez was more selfless and a better baseball player.

Note: Article updated on March 23, 2016 to reflect Alex Rodriguez’s planned retirement announcement.

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1) A-Rod Was the Better Shortstop, But Jeter Wouldn’t Move

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez

Derek Jeter refused to vacate the Shortstop position when Rodriguez joined the team in 2004. In A-Rod’s last two seasons in Texas he had a .987 and .989 Fielding Percentage. Compare that to .977 and .968 for Jeter in those two years. Jeter should’ve moved to third to let the better SS play, and thus began the Alex Rodriguez vs Derek Jeter debate.

2) Rodriguez was Better than Jeter in the Postseason


Jeter dominated the divisional series but when it into the ALCS and the World Series, Rodriguez has the better numbers. Rodriguez has a .981 OPS in 6 ALCS appearances and a .973 OPS in 1 World Series appearance, compared to just .751 and .832 for Jeter. Rodriguez also has as many ALCS home runs as Jeter, despite having 134 fewer plate appearances.

3) A-Rod was More Valuable To The Yankees

Alex Rodriguez Win Shares

According to Win Shares Added data from, Alex Rodriguez added more win value to his team 13 out of the 19 years that both Jeter and A-Rod were in the league. Between 2000 and 2010 (their primes) A-Rod had a Win Advancement metric than Jeter 9 of 11 times.

4) A-Rod was Dominant at the Plate, Jeter was not


There’s no argument that Rodriguez was the much better hitter, but to nail the coffin in that debate, Rodriguez had more runs per game, home runs per game, and RBI’s per game than Rodriguez in his tenure as a Yankee than Jeter did in his time in New York.

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