On a humid Saturday night in Baltimore, Alex Rodriguez notched his 2,000th run batted in. Here’s a good account from Yahoo Sports of the largely unnoticed moment in baseball history.

A-Rod is batting .1000 in the stat of Trolling this season.
A-Rod is batting .1000 in trolling this season.

And no body cares. In fact, we all hate him. You might not. You might not care about Alex Rodriguez. You might think he’s an okay guy. In fact, I think so too. If I saw him on the street or in a restaturant having dinner, I’d be respectful. He is an incredible athlete who has contributed much to baseball over the span of his career.

There’s a “but” coming along shortly.


And here is it.

But, A-Rod has tarnish rubbed across his name in Baseball history. Like Barry Bonds, he’ll have an asterisk applied to all the stats achieved in twilight of his career. And he doesn’t care.

He’s playing baseball like a baseball player. I think that is why people hate A-Rod. Still almost halfway through the season, he gets the boo’s and the hisses everytime he steps to bat or foot on the field. In fact, he gets booed so much there are about 970 video resutls on Youtube for just 2015 alone; the number jumps to over 4,000 when you widen the search to all-time. 2015 get’s almost a quarter of the “A-Rod getting booed at bat videos.” Put that in your record book and smoke it.

Last night, he batted in a run in a ballpark that he’s played tons of games. He isn’t having some existential crisis within himself. Honestly, I doubt he cares about the boo’s.

So, what does a post-steriodial scandal baseball player to do? He’s playing baseball. This season he’s batting .273, has 12 home runs, 32 RBI’s, and an  OBP of .374.  And we still hate him. And he’s trolling the baseball world with every record broken.

Till next time, I’ll have what I’m having.