DraftKings is pleased to announce an exciting new offering, the “$1.5M Spring Thunderdome Series”, exclusively for DraftKings Players who have registered on the DraftKings Website (“Website”). Throughout the months of March and April, Players will have the opportunity to win multipurpose Thunderdome Tickets ($5,300 value) that can be used in any of 5 different Thunderdome Contests across NBA, NHL, PGA, MLB and SOC.

Multipurpose Thunderdome Tickets can be won in satellite contests in any of the sports mentioned above. (Ticket Name – “Spring Thunderdome Series Ticket”)


The schedule of Thunderdome Contests will be:

NBA $350K Thunderdome – Wednesday, March 30
NHL $50K Thunderdome – Tuesday, April 4
PGA $750K Thunderdome – Thursday, April 6
PGA $100K Thunderdome – Thursday, April 6
MLB $250K Thunderdome – Tuesday, April 11
SOC $50K Thunderdome – Saturday, April 15


Except as otherwise stated in or modified by these Contest Rules, the Contest shall be governed by the DraftKings Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well as the Contest Rules located here: https://www.draftkings.com/terms-of-use.


Players must be 18 (19+ in Nebraska and 21+ in Massachusetts) years of age or older.

Legal residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Washington, and Hawaii are ineligible to participate in the Contest.

By participating in any of the Contests, the DraftKings Player agrees to be bound by the terms of these Contest Rules, and the Terms of Use, and hereby agrees to disclose all applicable information to DraftKings, such information subject to the Privacy Policy.