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Sunday’s three-game Pro League slate includes several lower-ranked teams, which presents a different opportunity. We examine how to capitalize on that.

Set your lineups here: LOL $60K Titan’s Fury [$20K to 1st] (LPL)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting lineups have been confirmed.


Doinb ($11,700)
This is one of the easiest decisions of the slate. Doinb has been in incredible, almost unbelievable, offensive form in the LPL this split. He is averaging 99.9 DKFP, the best for any player in this slate. That remarkable fluency has been built on a terrific kill participation rate. At face value, a KDA of 5.5 is steady but he averages 5.67 kills and 7.53 assists, very strong numbers for a mid laner.

Others to consider: Lwx ($11,100)


LangX ($5,800)
LangX’s value is derived from his consistency and solidity. He averages more kills than deaths, which is a good starting point to differentiate aggressive top laners from the rest. He has 2.58 kills and also chips in with 6.5 assists, taking his KDA to quite a lofty 4.74 by top laner standards.

Others to consider: GimGoon ($6,800)


Tian ($7,000)
He is slightly expensive, a cost too high for a jungler despite his quality. His numbers, though, are very strong. He averages 8.93 assists, 11th in the entire split. That might seem too low for any significance, but for a jungler that’s quite commendable. He averages 78.8 DKFP, highest for any jungler on this slate.


Xiaohu ($6,000)
If Doinb is your captain, you might not be left with too many choices for mid. There might be an opportunity to save some of your salary for an expensive ADC. If this is your strategy, Xiaohu will fit nicely in your roster. He has just 2.92 kills, an average that is widely considered a tad too low for a mid laner. His real value, though, is in the trade-off between salary and return.

Others to consider: Angel ($7,400)


Lwx ($7,400)
Another obvious inclusion from the rapidly-improving FunPlus Phoenix team. Lwx is averaging 90 DKFP, one of only two players to have 90 or more DKFP in this slate. Like Doinb, his kill participation rate has remained high right through the split. These two in tandem have changed FunPlus’ modus operandi with their more aggressive style paying rich dividends.

Others to consider: Betty ($6,800)


Ming ($4,400)
A toss-up between Ming and Chance ($4,800) for a budget support pick. Eventually, Ming came away as the preferred selection on account of his $400 cheaper price and a solid assists to KDA ratio. He has the same kill rate as Chance (0.40 kills), a lower assists rate (8.25 compared to Chance’s 9.2) but also has been killed less often (2.67 deaths compared to Chance’s 3.4).

Others to consider: Chance ($4,800)


Royal Never Give Up ($4,400)
This price is way too good for a team of RNGU’s calibre. Their salary has dipped drastically because they’re up against the quality of FunPlus Phoenix, but they are far from pushovers. Royal Never Give Up have a 7-5 games record and a 4-3 series record, seventh in the LPL. FunPlus have a 10-5 games record, fifth in the LPL. This series has the characteristics of an upset.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.