These odds come via online sportsbook … and i’m not gonna lie, i’m rooting for Tiger and Elin to get back together the same way ‘The Rock’ let ‘Farooq’ back into “The Nation of Domination” — only to completely blindside him in a street fight against ‘D Generation X’, and knock him out of Wrestling forever. I think I speak for everyone when I say Golf is not fun without a Tiger who is being photographed stumbling out of a Las Vegas brothel at 4 in the morning … being chased by a screaming Elin with a 7 iron in her hand … and then goes on to win a major tournament the following week in epic, dramatic fashion. This politically-correct “I’m going to be loyal to my Soft 6 girlfriend Lindsey Vonn” Tiger is/was boring, and he stinks at golf. It’s clear he thrives when he can sin, thus, now that he’s single again: the only way we’re going to get the Tiger we all know and love back is by hooking him back up with Elin….

Also, this is a formal declaration that if Kourtney Kardashian cashes: I officially quit Earth.