If you haven’t tried daily fantasy golf yet, then I would like to personally extend you an invitation to one of my favorite sports in the daily fantasy landscape. Golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in DFS, and it’s one of my personal favorites. It’s easy to learn, it’s fun to watch, and it provides us with one of the best sweats of any daily fantasy sport.

With tons of prizes set to be won on DraftKings, let’s take a peak at what makes daily fantasy golf so great.

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Fantasy golf is one of the easiest sports to research. There is only one event per week, which gives us more time to research than baseball, basketball or hockey. Golf is also a fast-growing fantasy sport, and there are now a ton of different sites offering odds, expert picks, PGA statistics and event history. Golf has one of the smallest learning curves of all daily fantasy sports, making it easy for newcomers to play and enjoy.

Duration of the Tournaments

Unlike other daily fantasy sports, your buy-in for fantasy golf lasts for a period of four days. Not only that, but the golf typically starts early in the morning and finishes late in the afternoon. Talk about stretching your dollar. Additionally, in a sport where each event takes place over four days, it offers us a leisurely sweat. Unlike in the NFL, where a single play can make or break your entire week, a single shot in golf is peanuts compared to the total strokes played over the entire tournament.

Roster Construction

A typical tournament on the PGA Tour features around 140 golfers. On DraftKings, you only have six roster spots to fill out. Unlike other daily fantasy sports, all golfers are given the same opportunity. Every golfer in the field plays 36 holes before the first cut. Then the top 70 and ties play another 36 holes.

We don’t have to worry about how many minutes a player sees or how many plate appearances they will get. Every golfer has the same opportunity each week, which leaves us with a ton of different fantasy options in each event. It’s one of the few sports where the percentage of ownership is widely spread out.

The Cut

The ultimate goal in daily fantasy golf is to roster as many golfers that can make the cut as possible. Most tournaments feature a cut after the first 36 holes of play (there are some exceptions). The typical cut includes those that finish in the top 70, as well as ties. The cut adds an extra layer of strategy to the sport, and it also gives us another reason to sweat out our lineups. Having all six of your golfers make the cut all but assures you of a profitable week. There is nothing like watching your players’ last few holes when they are right on the cut line.

Shot Tracker

If you are new to daily fantasy golf, or haven’t heard about pgatour.com’s Shot Tracker, you should check it out. It might be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Although, I must warn you, it is highly addictive. Shot Tracker allows you track each and every shot of every golfer in the event. It not only shows you which hole they are on, but it gives you exact distances to the pin and whether they hit the ball in the fairway, rough, sand, water or out of bounds.

One of the best parts of daily fantasy sports is the sweat. Being able to watch and root on your lineup is what makes daily fantasy sports so great. There is nothing better than seeing your golfer drain a long putt for birdie and nothing worse than seeing your golfer hit a shot in the water.

To sum it all up, daily fantasy golf is easy to learn, it’s fun to watch, and it stretches your daily fantasy dollar further than any other sport. Did I mention that golf is basically a year-round sport? Add it to the list! Be sure to ready yourself for a successful, profitable PGA year on DraftKings.

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