Huge Stakes for The Open


Tiger Woods won his second US Open championship in 2002, and the first ever $1 Million prize was awarded to the winner. It was the second time Tiger ever won $1,000,000 on tour, following his Masters win in 2001. Just as professional golf has grown over the years, fantasy golf is following a similar path. Last April, awarded the first ever $1,000,000 prize when user BrettMarino won first place in the “Millionaire Maker” tournament. On June 18th, golf fans will have a second shot at becoming a millionaire.

Instead of playing 72 holes, fans can get in on the action by drafting a team of 6 golfers. Each golfer is given a price based on their past performance and a team must be built while staying under the $50,000 salary cap. Your team accumulates points based on their performance each hole, round, and the tournament finish.

The Field

Jordan Speith ($12,600) – Chambers Bay could be a good fit for Speith’s game if the conditions are tough, as he has shown the ability to grind out holes and play a precise game. After his dominant run at The Masters, he’s certainly on everyone’s radar. After seeing Speith help user BrettM win $1 Million on DraftKings in April, he will be hard to ignore when building your rosters.

Adam Goulet celebrates winning $1,000,000 in DraftKings Fantasy Basketball Championship last week. DraftKings has awarded 14 different Million Dollar first place prizes in the last 9 months.

Rory McIlroy ($13,000) – His inconsistent play may discourage others from drafting him here, but the reward is very high for Rory as he has shown he’s capable of dominating a field. He has missed two recent cuts (The Irish Open and and BMW PGA Championship), so proceed with caution here.

Tiger Woods ($8,600) – Tiger recently shot a 13-over 85, his worst round as a professional golfer. Fans will definitely be wary to take him, but that could actually make him a more valuable pick. If he shows flashes of his former self, he will prove to be a great value pick at his salary.

Martin Kaymer ($9,000) – Kaymer is the 2014 defending champion, but this is a new course to the US Open, so don’t read into that too much. His affordable price makes him worth a look so that you can spend more on some of the bigger names while still having someone who has shown the ability to win on the big stage.


Get started now and draft your way to $1 Million!