I don’t know much about golf, and never will pretend that I do. If you want to see something worse than my golf knowledge, then you should just watch me play golf. But stick with me here and I’ll try not to waste your time.

The sport that I spend the most time following is basketball. Sometimes I even over analyze things and look back at aspects like, “Wow, it was actually all so simple.” Sometimes a casual basketball fan will say something to me that you can only see when you haven’t invested yourself so much in what you’re watching. So maybe, for you hardcore fans of the Masters, my casual opinion can shine some light on what you are failing to see.

Fans seem to be hoping for something from Tiger Woods that's clearly no longer there
Fans seem to be hoping for something from Tiger Woods that’s clearly no longer there

Tiger Woods is done. People can’t stop cheering for him because he’s Tiger. And that’s fine. Cheer away. But do so when he deserves it. I get the sense that most of the applause for Tiger is just out of hope that he can somehow return to his once elite form. But he won’t. I get the sense that some of the applause for Tiger is out of pure joy that he is even playing in the tournament, and hasn’t left due to injury or anything of that sort.

I get it. Woods is an all-time great. He’s always going to be in the spotlight. When Michael Jordan came back to play with the Wizards, nobody with realistic expectations thought he was going to win another championship. We simply just enjoyed the fact that he was back on the court — even though he probably shouldn’t have been.

So, yes, do take the time to appreciate that Tiger hasn’t walked away from the game. But don’t treat him with the expectation that he’s going to come back as vintage Tiger. He’s two under after 36 holes. Good job. The most entertaining things I’ve seen from him so far have come after he hits a bad shot and yells at himself.

“No Tiger!”

“Come on Tiger! Dumbass!”

Watching that admittedly made me chuckle. But what has impressed me has been Jordan Spieth, who is 14 under at just 21-years old. This isn’t a hot take by any means, but like I said earlier, sometimes when you over-analyze you fail to see the obvious. This tournament is going to be the coming out party of what could be a potentially historic player in Spieth.

Is this kid the next Tiger Woods? I have no idea. You’re asking the wrong person if you want to know my opinion. But the point is that Tiger is a new player. Almost the A-Rod of golf if you will. So stop treating him like royalty. Take a step back, and enjoy what the rest of the field has to offer. And if you think I’m coming off as an idiot and none of this makes sense, then that’s probably the case and I’ll try not to write about golf again.

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