CS:GO top targets

Upsets abound at the DreamHack Masters Spring edition. We take a look at how to stack and hedge your roster from DraftKings’ Saturday’s CS:GO main slate.

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Ropz ($12,900)
Mousesports’ inconsistency has been something of a problem. They were battered 16-9 and 16-8 by Complexity on Friday. Not many, including myself, saw that coming. Ropz tried to stave that challenge off, but his 27-27 K-D wasn’t anywhere near close enough. One other characteristic of this Mousesports team has been their ability to bounce back quickly. Ropz will lead that resuscitation.

Others to consider: Elige ($13,200)

High-priced flex options

Elige ($8,800)
Elige hasn’t been bad during this surprising slump of form that Liquid has suffered. He hasn’t quite been at his best either, which is one of the major reasons for Liquid’s slip. Liquid was beaten for the second successive time when they lost, 2-1, to Furia. Elige had 62 kills with 64 deaths, which is a fair indicator of his offensive consistency at least. When Liquid inevitably turns their form around, you would want Elige on your team.

Naf ($8,200)
Like Elige, Naf too has been quite solid. That reliability hasn’t transpired into wins though. He had 66 kills and 63 deaths with a K-D of +3 and an ADR of 80.9 in that game. He even had a 1v2 clutch win in that game. He forms an integral part of Liquid’s offensive core. A few losses won’t change that.

Syrson (8,400)
Syrson was in impeccable form against Mad Lions and that might be putting it lightly. He comfortably led both teams in kills, deaths and K-D as he led BIG to a hard-fought 2-1 win. He had 69 kills, the highest in the game, along with 44 deaths, the lowest in the game. It’s highly implausible that he will repeat that performance, but it’s productive even if he comes close.

Others to consider: Bubzkji (8,000).

Value flex options

Frozen ($7,800)
I would still stick with Frozen on my team despite a sub-par performance of 29 kills and 33 deaths against Complexity on Friday. He still has the class and skill, traits that are highly sought after in fantasy. CS:GO can occasionally be fickle to analyze a player’s form. Frozen has been one of the best CS:GO players in the world. For that reason and his low price, he would be on my roster.

K0nfig ($7,600)
K0nfig is now starting to break through a metaphorical bubble. He has always been the top performer for Complexity, but the argument was that he wasn’t able to replicate his performances against the big teams. He disproved that erroneous hypothesis on Friday with 40 kills and 26 deaths against No. 4 Mousesports with a game-leading ADR of 85.6.

Others to consider: Twistzz ($7,200), Sjuush ($7,400).

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.