Call of Duty

This weekend we take a look at the competition heading into the Call of Duty League Florida Home Series. This slate will be featuring four matches. With lots of cash up for grabs, we break down the top picks on DraftKings.

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How does Call of Duty scoring work?

The player you draft as your captain will earn 1.5x the standard fantasy point value for each statistic.

Kills: +2 Pts
Deaths: -1 Pt
Bomb Plants/Defuses (S&D): +3 Pts
Capture Time (Hardpoint): +0.1 Pts per 1 second
Captures (Domination): +1 Pt

Wins (Match): +10 Pts
Wins (Games): +4 Pts
Wins (Rounds S&D): +0.5 Pts

Scoring Notes
Points for Bomb Plants and Defuses will be awarded during Search and Destroy games. These points will only be awarded to the player who planted or defused the bomb, and not to the teammates or team the player belongs to.

Points for Captures are awarded during the Domination games. Points for captures will be awarded to the player who is standing on one of the three static flags located around the map, and not the teammates or teams the player belongs to.

Points for Capture Time are awarded during Hardpoint games. These points are awarded to players standing within the team controlled hardpoint boundaries and +.1 point is awarded per second.

Round, Game and Match points will only be awarded to teams and not to the players belonging to the team. Match points are awarded to the team who won the best of five-game series. Game points are awarded to the winning team at the conclusion of each game. Round points will be awarded during the Search & Destroy game type, where teams compete best of eleven round series.


MackMelts ($12,300)

MackMelts originally joined NYSL as a substitute this year. This is his rookie year on the Pro scene and he has been consistent with his performance so far. He always sticks close to the objective especially in Hardpoint. Even if he’s not getting kills, his objective points make up for the loss. Averaging over 100 fantasy points per game, Mack is a solid Captain choice.

Value Captain

Temp ($11,400)

Again, let us roll with Temp, but this time in the Captain slot. His salary this week makes him a great bargain for performance. As a flex in this league, Temp has been putting up numbers trying to get his team to a CDL Sunday. He boasts a top tier K/D ratio in all 3 game modes and is always near the objective. Last week he had an amazing Ninja Defuse that almost gave NYSL the win against FaZe. Temp puts up numbers every single league event.

Other to consider: Envoy ($12,900)


Arcitys ($8,400)

While the Chicago Huntsmen have looked shaky since the switch to online, it seems that the solution may have been solved as this week the team picked up Prestinii, which is also Arcitys brother. This should give a huge boost to the whole team. Also being that Arcitys is the number 4 ranked Search and Destroy player and top 10 in the other 2 game modes, he could be even more dangerous now.

Value FLEX

Kuavo ($7,400)

Kuavo has been consistent being near even with all K/D ratios this season. He is another SMG player that is always upfront, first in gunfights, and to the objective. This makes him an asset to any team. He is a top 10 Search and Destroy player in this league and continues to move up the leaderboards pushing through his slow start.

Other to consider: GodRX ($8,000)

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Chicago Huntsmen ($2,800)

Chicago has won an event this year and they are definitely the strongest team coming into this one. Past events where their chances were cut short are expected to be forgotten as this is a new team. With the addition of Prestinii to the starting lineup and benching of Gunless, chemistry for the Huntsmen should be at an all time high this weekend.

Value TEAM

Optic Gaming Los Angeles ($1,600)

While Optic has not yet won an event this year, they are starting to hit their stride as a team. They definitely looked like they worked much better in the last event after benching Jkap for Chino. I expect them to continue improving as a team. People are sleeping on them and deservedly so, but Optic will soon again rise from the ashes and win another CDL event.

Other to consider: Minnesota Rokkr ($2,000)

Analysis by Dylan Mirabal

All views expressed are my own. I am an employee of DraftKings and am ineligible to play in public DFS contests.

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