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Korea’s LCK resumes after a three-week hiatus due to the coronavirus. Along with the LPL, there are six games on DraftKings’ slate early Wednesday morning, which locks at 2:00 a.m. ET. We break down some picks from each position.

Set your lineups here: LOL $150K Titan’s Fury [$50K to 1st] (LPL-LCK).


Doinb ($12,600)
Of all players who have played at least 10 games, Doinb is ranked fourth in killing efficiency in the LPL, with an average of 5.47 kills over 17 games. Out of all these players, he has the second-best KDA ratio of 5.79, behind only Wink. That is why he is a smart choice for captain compared to the rest in this slate. He is also averaging 7.47 assists, quite high for a mid-laner.

Others to consider: Loken ($12,300)


Doran ($6,000)
Doran is a solid top-laner. He isn’t flashy but he’ll provide a steady return on the investment. Considering this is a much bigger slate, budget selections for top, jungler and support will allow your main roles to flourish. Over a period of 20 games, Doran has 2.25 kills, 2.4 deaths and 4.7 assists.

Others to consider: GimGoon ($7,400)


Clid ($7,200)
You would be saving only marginally on Clid, but that could still prove useful. Clid isn’t as aggressive as other junglers in the LCK or the LPL. That’s his style. He is averaging 2.14 kills and just 1.27 deaths. That, coupled with a fairly commendable assist average of 7.09, takes his KDA to 7.25.


Bdd ($8,000)
Bdd has atypical numbers for a mid-laner, but that’s not in a bad way. It’s just unusual for a mid to average just 1.09 deaths over quite a substantial sample size of 22 games. Bdd is maintaining a stellar kill participation rate of 3.95 kills and 5.59 assists, which takes his KDA to 8.74, fourth highest in the LCK.

Others to consider: Yagao ($7,800)


Loken ($8,200)
It’s not easy to pick between Loken and Lwx. Both ADCs have been in outstanding form right through the LPL Spring Split. Lwx is averaging 88.9 DKFP while Loken is a few points lower at 84.3. Loken’s terrific numbers are highly compelling, though. He has a KDA of 8.95, third best in the split and best among any player to have played at least seven games. He has built that KDA on the back of a low death rate of just 1.12. He is also $400 cheaper than Lwx.

Others to consider: Lwx ($8,600)


LvMao ($5,800)
This is quite an affordable price for a player of LvMao’s caliber. He has 9.53 assists per game, which puts him seventh in the LPL. Of all players above him, he has the second best KDA (5.06) on account of his relatively low death rate of two per game. JD Gaming are tied for third spot in the LPL and LvMao’s consistency has a lot to do with that.

Others to consider: Crisp ($6,400)


DragonX ($5,400)
DragonX were in the midst of a strong run of form before the LCK was postponed. They had won three straight matches to put themselves within one series from the top spot. They are now tied for second with a 7-2 series and 16-7 series record. Hanwha Life Esports were on the other end of the form spectrum, having lost three straight series to fall to 8-14 for the season.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.