You have $20K to spend…2 Sides, 1 Main GO!

Main Course – Turkey $10,000


Let’s not reinvent the wheel here alright? Sure there are about infinity ways to do this lineup and very few of them are wrong (all you fish people out there can kick rocks though) but it’s definitely about getting the big boppers. The things that get passed around for the first half hour straight and are almost gone before they even get to Uncle Vito. Truthfully I’m hoping to squeeze as much as I can out of this $10k Turkey pricetag. Truly the Steph Curry of Thanksgiving Day meals, expensive as heck but worth every single penny. Really need the Chef to sneakily shove in some stuffing in there cause I simply cannot live without stuffing. But can’t handle that $9k either. These sides better be darn good…

Side Course – Mac N Cheese $4500


Can’t believe the value here folks! Hopefully it means I’ll be getting the biggest tray possible of it too. Even if the Return of the Mac was over $10k I’d be paying up for it, it’s just that good. Plus who needs super expensive cranberry sauce when I can soak my turkey in all the extra cheese juice? No brainer and while you’re at it throw the yams in the garbage too.

Side Course – Cornbread/Rolls $3000


Anyone else hungry yet? I gotta throw rolls in my lineup over casserole based purely on quantity here. Already know, as is the case every year, I’m gonna stare at the green bean casserole and pretend how delicious it’s gonna be. Then I have one spoonful and I’m like yep I’m all set where’s the actual yummy stuff with the cheese and the butter? You can find me at the kid’s table making turkey/mac n cheese sandwiches on my lil rolls happy as a clam all night thanks. SOMEONE GIVE ME SUSTENANCE THIS VERY SECOND!!! This blog is Thanksgiving Eve torture… let’s see if dreaming about pies will help. (It won’t but let’s try anyway)


You have $20k to spend… 3 Pies GO!!!

Strawberry Rhubarb $6700


Really gotta go full contrarian here to get all the pies I want. Paying up for Apple pretty much screws you into the crummiest (in a bad way) of all pies. Cranberry is too tart and I absolutely despise sweet potatoes. Give me yummy strawberries or give me death but mostly give me way more mac n cheese. Still thinking about only that.

Lemon Meringue $6500


Look at how freaking REGAL that piece of pie is! Great value price for a good complementary pie. I would never expect someone to lead with it since as a standalone pie it’s too sweet to have more than one slice but the fluffiness is key. At the very least it will look super cool on the dining room table and it’s light enough to enjoy but still pound other pies. Wanted Boston Cream but it’s too rich for my blood. Cold world out there.

Shepard’s Pie $6700


Before you pick up your pitchforks and torches just remember one thing. Sure Shepard’s Pie on Thanksgiving is an off the reservation type move… but I kind of love it. If you couldn’t tell from my choices so far, I don’t like filling up on sweets and I LOVE meats n cheeses. Like all of them. So if you’re telling me I can get an almost min priced pie that’s full of purely that? SIGN ME UP! And seriously, someone bring me a snack.

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