Auckland New Zealand will play host to a fun card on Saturday, courtesy of UFC Fight Night 110. While one of the most modest cards on paper we’ve seen this year, there are several hidden gems on the bout roster. None, however, will likely provide the titanic excitement and thunder the main event offers.

Mark Hunt vs Derrick Lewis is a fight that can’t possibly miss. Two of the heaviest hitters in the sport will enter the Octagon on Saturday night, and a knockout is almost a foregone conclusion. It’s a well-matched fight and one that illustrates why the heavyweights will always be more than worthy of fan appreciation.

You’re not here to bear witness to my prattling on about the excitement potential of this card, though. You’re here for the underdogs, and I have four of them ready to round out your DraftKings fantasy teams. Let’s get started:

Derrick Lewis $8,200 / Mark Hunt $8,000

Derrick Lewis is a “Beast” both by nickname and by fight mentality. He has massive, one-punch knockout power and if he manages to put leather to chin, you’re going down in a heap. Where he’s weakest is his ground game and cardio. Most of the big men always seem to suffer cardio-wise, but Lewis definitely has a pretty big hole in his gas tank and this could present major problems for him against Hunt.

Hunt also has devastating knockout power and is the proud owner of several walk-off knockouts. While he’s no grappling god, he is a bit more adept on the ground than Lewis. Both have ferocious ground-and-pound, but to be honest, I don’t think much of this fight, if any, will take place on the ground. Hunt also has just slightly better cardio than Lewis. Where the game changes is technical striking, and that’s where Mark Hunt shines. His shots are crisp, he utilizes the jab well, and he mixes it up. In a land of headhunters, Mark Hunt likes to pay the body plenty of attention, too. He’s also a stalker and dictates the distance very well.

It’s extremely close, but I’m leaning towards Hunt here.

Mark Hunt via (T)KO

Zak Ottow $9,100 / Kiichi Kunimoto $7,100

Zak Ottow is a submission artist with an excellent grappling skillset. He’s got 10 submission wins out of 12 finishes and is as gritty and hard-nosed as they come. He’s not exactly small for a welterweight, but in my humble opinion, 155 might be a better fit for him. It should be noted that Ottow is replacing the injured Warlley Alves on about a month’s notice.

Kunimoto, a true welterweight, has been playing the spoiler since his submission of Daniel Sarafian. He’s on a two-plus-year layoff, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Kiichi has a capable wrestling game and decent takedowns, largely because he’s tenacious and will fight tooth and nail to secure one. He works well in the clinch and is a slightly (ever so slightly) better striker than Ottow.

Size will be the factor here and should net Kunimoto the victory.

Kiichi Kunimoto via SUB

Damien Brown $8,400 / Vinc Pichel $7,800

Damien Brown is a solid, middle of the road fighter. He’s fairly well-rounded, has finishing power (3 KOs) and has a very good submission game (8 subs). He enters this fight with plenty of confidence, riding high on a five-fight win streak. Where Brown is weak is his wrestling and takedown defense (while he beat Jon Tuck, he was getting wrecked before Tuck gassed), and that’s an area Pichel is very capable.

Pichel is also riding a win streak, although only two wins can be attributed to his “streak.” Vinc is a good wrestler and has an excellent top game where he does good striking work. He’s been on a three-year layoff, but it can be argued that he’ll be the fresher fighter with less wear-and-tear. He’s got a solid takedown game, which should serve him well in this match-up, as Brown suffers mightily from weak takedown defense.

Despite the layoff, Pichel should be able to edge out the win.

Vinc Pichel via DEC

JJ Aldrich $8,600 / Chan-mi Jeon $7,600

JJ Aldrich made a good name for herself in Invicta and as a member of The Ultimate Fighter 23. Aldrich is strongest on the mat where she can work her excellent jiu-jitsu in scrambles. Where her weakness lies is in her striking, so if she can’t get this to the ground, the chances of her capturing a win will be slim.

Jeon is a powerhouse striker hailing from Korea’s All FC promotion where she has a pristine 5-0 record. Four of those five wins didn’t go the distance, ending inside the first round by violent, beautiful knockouts. All Chan-mi has to do is keep this fight a standing brawl, and she seems quite adept at that, boxing up her opponents as though they were stationary targets.

*Side note, the combined age of these two ladies is 43 years, the same age as Mark Hunt (Jeon is 19, Aldrich is 24).

Chan-mi Jeon via (T)KO


I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is crooklyn949) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on.  Although I have expressed my personal view on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings and I may also deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above.