Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. These are the drivers in the lowest tier of salaries that have the opportunity to score 30 to 40 DFS points.

1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. ($5,900) – His finishing position killed fantasy teams last week, but his average running position was around 20th. Nothing has changed; Stenhouse is transitioning towards becoming an elite level driver. Over the last 10 weeks, Stenhouse has been a top 20 driver (half of those he was around a top 10 driver). Stats aside, There is no one close to his skill set and equipment level below $6,000.

2. Ryan Blaney ($6,800) – The kid has a lot of potential and gets the benefit of driving for a top team (Penske alliance with Wood Brothers). He’s a kid, so wrecks will happen. Another worry is that the Wood Brothers have experience several engine failures this year, but on a good day, the kid is a top 15 driver. He almost always qualifies too high, but with three top 20s at 1.5 mile tracks this season, he deserves a look.

3. Aric Almirola ($6,700) – The 43 car made DFS players a lot of money this season. If you are a cash game player, then you might want to make a donation to Richard Petty Motorsports. Almirola averages 34 fppr, rarely has bad races, and occasionally scores above 50 fantasy points. He averages a 15th place finish intermediate tracks.

4. Paul Menard ($6,500) – It’s very difficult to find value plays at intermediate tracks. This week’s DraftKings pricing doesn’t do anyone any favors either. The sub $6,000 range drivers are too risky. To find value, DFS players will have to pair two, maybe even three $6,000 drivers together. Menard has finished inside the top 20 in 8 of 11 intermediate track races this season. Over the last 4 races, Menard is averaging 40 fantasy points.

5. Greg Biffle ($6,400) – There are 43 drivers in NASCAR. Over the course of 23 Daily Fantasy NASCAR weeks, I’ve run out of things to say about the same drivers. This is the sentence where I state that Roush has improved in the 2nd half of the season. Biffle will likely finish around 20th. That is where he has usually finished at intermediate tracks this season. If he qualifies poorly, then gobble him up. If he qualifies near the top 10, then he’s fools gold.