Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. The ordering is not based on highest projected fantasy totals, but rather by value of each driver.

(fppk = average fantasy points per $1,000 of salary since the switch to six driver daily fantasy NASCAR rosters)

1. Joey Logano ($10,500) – It’s better to be lucky than good, but Logano is both. The 22 is fast and the breaks are falling his way. Eventually, luck is going to turn on him or one of his fellow drivers will. (6.6 fppk)

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($9,200) – Every Daily Fantasy NASCAR player counted on Dale Jr. to live up to his restrictor plate legend, and he did. Junior ran up front for most of the race, overcame a penalty, and finished second (He should have won, but I won’t get started). (4.9 fppk)

3. Carl Edwards ($8,900) – No one ever knows where Carl finishes, but it’s always in the top 10. Edwards finished 5th at Talladega, but very little was said of him. This is pretty common. DOn’t be surprised to see the 19 surprise everyone at Homestead. (5.0 fppk)

4. Kyle Busch ($10,000) – Rowdy has experienced more bad luck than any other driver this year. He’s run out of gas while leading, DNF’d several times, and broke both legs at Daytona. Last week, Dega-Gate ruined several drivers’ season, but Busch snuck into round three of the playoffs with an 11th place finish. (4.5 fppk)

5. Kurt Busch ($8,600) – Is this Black Friday? Why is Kurt so cheap? He’s finished inside the top 10 in the last 3 races and he advanced to the 3rd round of the playoffs. Busch won at Martinsville in the Spring 2014 race. (3.6 fppk)

6. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. ($6,000) – Another week, another top 20. Make that a top 10 this week. Behind Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ricky Stenhouse is becoming the next go to daily fantasy NASCAR play at plate races. (4.5 fppk)

7. Matt Kenseth ($9,900) – A questionable last lap wreck ruined Kenseth’s day and his championship chances. (5.9 fppk)

8. Denny Hamlin ($10,200) – It’s tough to drop Denny Hamlin based on a plate race finish, but this is the third race that Hamlin has suffered from a broken latch issue. That’s not bad luck. (4.5 fppk)

9. Aric Almirola ($5,800) – He didn’t light up the scoreboard, but he once again outperformed his salary with a 16th place finish at Talladega (39 fantasy points). (5.1 fppk)

10. Kevin Harvick ($10,600) – At least we know that when you pick Kevin Harvick, he’ll do anything to win. That’s great from the Daily Fantasy NASCAR perspective, but not so good from the human being perspective. (5.1 fppk)

11. Brad Keselowski ($9,400) – Top 10s are almost a guarantee, but big time fantasy points are not. Since his last big fantasy day (111 points at Darlington), BK has averaged 36 fantasy points at an average salary of 10,100. That’s not the points to price ratio needed to win GPPs or 50/50s. (4.6 fppk)

12. Jimmie Johnson ($10,400) – The 48 and Hendrick looked good all day, but towards the end he couldn’t seem to hang around the top 10. It’s ‘Dega, you move on. (3.0 fppk)

13. Jeff Gordon ($10,300) – The price spike drops Gordon’s ranking. In the $8,000 range, Daily Fantasy NASCAR players did not need Gordon to lead laps. In the $10,000 range, he must lead laps, but he hasn’t done that all season. (4.1 fppk)

14. Ryan Newman ($7,100) – Plug Newman into all of your 50/50 games. He’s cheap and he just doesn’t have bad races. (4.2 fppk)

15. Martin Truex Jr. ($8,500) – He started last and finished in 7th. Before we go crazy, let’s remember this is a plate track. Anyone that’s up to date on their Hail Marys can pull that off. (3.7 fppk)

16. Clint Bowyer ($7,300) – Newman and Bowyer are Daily Fantasy NASCAR clones. The two differences are that Bowyer has more bad days and more great days. (4.8 fppk)

17. Kasey Kahne ($8,100) – The runt of the Hendrick litter has been up and down all season, but when he’s on, he’s a top 5 driver. Kahne remains in the rankings as a solid GPP pick and contrarian pick. (2.6 fppk)

18. Jamie McMurray ($7,900) – His engine died late in the race, but at least Jamie Mac had the decency to take his car to the garage instead of ruining the race with a wreck. That should be a DFS point category next season, not being a…I promised I wouldn’t start. (4.0 fppk)

19. Sam Hornish Jr. ($6,100) – Over the last 5 races, Hornish is averaging a 20th place finish. That’s nothing amazing, but that is at three different track types. Besides, the drivers below him aren’t doing much anyway. (4.5 fppk)

20. Trevor Bayne ($6,200) – He finished 21st and surely would have finished higher, if it wasn’t for a certain someone intentionally wrecking Bayne on the last restart. (3.4 fppk)