Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day. The ordering is not based on highest projected fantasy totals, but rather by value of each driver.

(fppk = average fantasy points per $1,000 of salary. The typical median fppk for a 2015 race was in the 3s. Plate tracks tend to be lower and short tracks tend to run higher due to the amount of laps.)

1Kyle Busch$10,400
2Kevin Harvick$10,500
3Jimmie Johnson$10,200
4Martin Truex Jr$9,800
5Kurt Busch$9,000

1. Kyle Busch ($10,400) – Some people dismissed the suspension of crew chief Adam Stevens during the Dover race. Kyle was clearly missing something at Dover. If Stevens is not a factor, then why did Kyle win his first championship during Stevens’ first year as his crew chief? Stevens is back this week. (6.3 fppk)

2. Kevin Harvick ($10,500) – The car is fast. The driver looks good. The pit crew is garbage. Speed and driver skill should be all that matters, but in today’s NASCAR track position means everything because clean air is king. The lead car is driving a Ferrari and the rest of field are driving Gremlins. Can you imagine if Harvick is the lead car? That’s a rocket ship. (7.4 fppk)

3. Jimmie Johnson ($10,200) – On paper, he’s the greatest of all time. His stats will lead you to believe that he should dominate every race. At Dover, the numbers said that Jimmie should have lapped the field five times. That didn’t happen. Johnson’s DFS performances have failed to live up to his Hall of Fame legacy. Will we fall for his excellent Charlotte stats? (4.7 fppk)

4. Martin Truex Jr. ($9,800) – The 78 car was not quite as dominant as it was at Kansas, but it’s still fast. If Truex had starting position and clean air, then he would have likely led a staggering amount of laps. Get ready for another “Summer of Martin”. (5.6 fppk)

5. Kurt Busch ($9,000) – Did anyone notice Kurt Busch at Dover? Nope. He finished 5th and leads NASCAR with 10 top 10s. Kurt Busch must have the Boo power-up from Mario Kart. (5.0 fppk)

6Carl Edwards$10,300
7Brad Keselowski$9,500
8Denny Hamlin$8,800
9Dale Earnardt Jr$9,400
10Matt Kenseth$9,900

6. Carl Edwards ($10,300) – Track position means everything this year. Quick pit stops are the best way to gain track position and get into clean air. Carl has the second best pit team in the business. At Dover, Carl got to the front via pit strategy. It was all for naught, as a hairy restart sent Edwards into the wall. (6.3 fppk)

7. Brad Keselowski ($9,500) – When is bad luck good luck? BK wrecked while running second at Dover. When the chaotic wreck during the late race restart wiped out half of the field, BK was safely sitting in the back and he avoided the carnage for his third consecutive top 10. (4.7 fppk)

8. Denny Hamlin ($8,800) – A top 10 from an $8,300 driver is a steal, but it wasn’t easy. Hamlin got hit with a pit road penalty and he got caught up in the big wreck at Dover. Pit road mistakes could ruin Hamlin’s day at Charlotte. (2.7 fppk)

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. ($9,400) – Charlotte is an intermediate track, so we can forget about Dale Jr. winning or can we? Texas is an identical track and Junior finished second in that night race. (4.0 fppk)

10. Matt Kenseth ($9,900) – The strong Kansas race and Kenseth’s impressive Dover stats made him a driver to watch last weekend. He delivered. Kenseth won the race and scored the second most fantasy points. (3.7 fppk)

11Joey Logano$9,700
12Ryan Blaney$7,500
13Chase Elliott$8,600
14Kasey Kahne$8,000
15Kyle Larson$8,400

11. Joey Logano ($9,700) – Joey Logano moved Matt Kenseth at Talladega. This set the stage for a nasty airborne wreck for Kenseth. What we didn’t know was that this would magically transfer Kenseth’s bad luck to Logano. At Kansas and Dover, Logano was within striking distance before a late race wreck ruined his day. Apparently, the curse was short– Logano won $1 million in the All-Star race. (3.4 fppk)

12. Ryan Blaney ($7,500) – The rookie has raced well at intermediate tracks this year and is coming into this weekend with 3 consecutive top 10s. He looked fast and comfortable in the Sprint Showdown race last weekend. (3.9 fppk)

13. Chase Elliott ($8,600) – The 24 car is not leading laps…yet. Elliott is close. The rookie looked good in limited action at Charlotte last weekend. He raced his way into the All-Star race via the Sprint Showdown. (4.2 fppk)

14. Kasey Kahne ($8,000) – Doubt will surround Kahne until he wins a race. His two top 5s in the last 4 races are not enough to convince even the slightly incredulous DraftKings player. At Charlotte, Kahne has the second most wins and he scored a top 10 at Texas. (3.1 fppk)

15. Kyle Larson ($8,400) – The best story in NASCAR is the emergence of Kyle Larson. The worst story is that each week he suffers a gut wrenching loss. He may finally get his win this weekend or he may not, but running up front means solid fantasy points. (3.4 fppk)

16Casey Mears$6,100
17Jamie McMurray$7,300
18Ryan Newman$7,200
19Austin Dillon$8,200
20Tony Stewart$7,800

16. Casey Mears ($6,100) – At intermediate tracks, Mears is averaging 29 fantasy points per race this season. His average finish of 20th won’t grab any headlines, but he’s cheap and he hasn’t wrecked. (2.7 fppk)

17. Jamie McMurray ($7,300) – This is the expensive version of Greg Biffle. Jamie Mac is averaging a 16th place finish. His worst finish was 26th at Kansas. That doesn’t work for GPPs, but in cash games his consistency is gold. (3.8 fppk)

18. Ryan Newman ($7,200) – If he qualifies inside the top 10, then scratch him off your list. If he starts in the teens or twenties, then get your highlighter out. Newman’s worst finish is 15th over the last 6 Charlotte races (average finish of 10th). (3.5 fppk)

19. Austin Dillon ($8,200) – A 600 mile race at Charlotte is a team race. Crew chief calls and car adjustments play a major role in determining finishing position. Dillon has leaned on his team for top 10s in the past. When the race ends, and if Dillon is running in the top 10, it will not be a big surprise. (4.1 fppk)

20. Tony Stewart ($7,800) – A fast car starting in the back is a must play. DFS players loaded up on Tony Stewart at Dover and it looked like a great play until his track bar broke (mechanical failure, not a driver mistake). This is the best Tony has looked in years. (4.2 fppk)