Qualifying is over. All of the practice laps have been run. This is it. Let’s make some picks.


Rankings below are based on a mixture of expected output and DraftKings’ NASCAR salaries for that day.

High Price Salary

Kevin Harvick ($13,900) – I could just say play Harvick and stop the write-up. That should be all the confirmation you need. Happy qualified in 6th and there is nobody in front of him that should prevent him from finding clean air. With his Hendrick engine and Stewart-Haas garage, Harvick is your best bet for lead laps and fast laps today.

Jimmie Johnson ($12,400) – Johnson has had a host of problems this week, which could cause some concern for DFS players. He qualified in 12th position which sets up great for some place differential scoring. Johnson and his Hendrick engine have had a lot of success at Indy. Because of all his early week issues it wouldn’t be surprising if his ownership is low. Johnson sets up as a great GPP play this week.

Martin Truex Jr. ($12,100) – Truex has had a string of bad luck over the last couple of races, but try to take your mind to Pocono a month ago. Truex won at Pocono while completely dominating the race. Pocono and Indy are very similar. Qualifying in the 13th position sets him up for place and pass differential scoring. He will help you reach value by adding a top 5 and some great finishing points this week.

Mid Price Salary

Brad Keselowski ($11,200) – BK has had a rough season (we all know this), but he is about a DFS must play this week. The Brickyard race is all about place differential and BK qualified in 31st. He has consistently been working his way up front and with a top 10 finish scores 20+ place differential points. Insert him into your lineup now.

Carl Edwards ($10,300) – Carl is making winning the pole look easy. Edwards starts on the pole again this week and has looked good in practice. Edwards should be used solely as a GPP play. If he can somehow lead a bunch of laps and produce a top 10 finish he will be more than worth his price.

Kasey Kahne ($10,200) – Kahne falls into the same category as BK. He qualified in the 27th spot, but will be driving a top 10 car. At his price he about becomes impossible for you not to play him. I’ll say it again, Indy is all about place differential points.

Low Price Salary

Ryan Newman ($9,300) – Newman forgot to put in his right side window before he qualified, so his time was disallowed. What does this mean you ask? It means that Newman should be the highest own NASCAR DFS player we have seen yet. He starts in 43rd and has been finding his way to the top 15 all year. He will score you a lot of place differential points this week.

Austin Dillon ($8,400) – Dillon has been a top 10 guy the last 2 out of 3 races. He usually doesn’t make the picks because of how high he qualifies. Well he finally did it and qualified in 25th position. With a top 15 he scores you 10 place differential points. It is hard to pass up on guaranteed points at $8,400.

A.J. Allmendinger ($7,900) – The Dinger has had some success at Indy in the past. If you are looking for another place differential guy at a lower price point then he is the safest play. A.J. qualifies in 26th and will find his way into the top 20. Use him to fit drivers like BK and Kahne in your lineup.

Long Shot Value Driver

Brian Scott ($7,600 ) – If you want to fill your lineup with the Harvick’s and Johnson’s of the circuit then Scott provides you with the salary relief. Scott will be driving with RCR equipment today. He qualified in 37th and based on equipment alone has the ability to get to 30th. This means positive points at a cheap price. We could see Scott find his way into a GPP winning lineup.