Another week, another race. Here we’ll break down all the most important Daily Fantasy NASCAR information in order to drive your success! The information below is provided by DraftKings. The information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.


1. Jimmie Johnson – When track history and past 15 stats (a driver’s performance over the last 15 races or their current performance) align, it’s a no brainer. In the case of Jimmie Johnson, his current form is excellent. He has two wins, and in two intermediate track races with the low downforce package, Johnson scored 86 and 87 points. What about track history? He’s won 5 of the last 7 Texas races and is averaging 96 fppg over the last 5 Texas races.

2. Kevin Harvick – Daily Fantasy NASCAR is still in its nascent stages, but there is already a legend. The DFS NASCAR Hall of Fame better start working on his shrine. It doesn’t matter where the NASCAR circuit travels, pencil in Harvick for at least 80 points. Intermediate tracks require driver skill, but the car must have speed as well. For the last three years, the Stewart-Haas 4 car has been the fastest in Sprint Cup. If that doesn’t convince you, then just pretend that it runs on rocket fuel – it’s that fast. Harvick should have won at Atlanta and Las Vegas, but the breaks went the other way. Eventually, at the end of races, Harvick will catch some breaks, and he’ll start piling up wins.

“. . . just pretend that it runs on rocket fuel – it’s that fast”

3. Kyle Busch – A quick glance at Rowdy’s 1.5 mile track stats this season can be misleading. Kyle didn’t eat up fast laps or lead laps at Atlanta or Las Vegas, but that was because he started deep in the field. There is just as much speed in the 18 car as there is in the 4 car. No driver has more top 5s this year. At intermediate tracks in 2015, Kyle averaged the 3rd most fantasy points. His Texas numbers are solid, as well – 5 top 5’s in the last 6 races. Let’s not forget that the 2016 low downforce rules package suits Kyle’s driving style.

4. Brad Keselowski – At Vegas, Brad stole a win from the dominant driver, Jimmie Johnson. Last year at Texas, Jimmie stole a victory from the dominant driver, Brad. What can we learn from this? Nothing really, other than they’re both really good. Let’s get more analytic. As we mentioned earlier in the season, when the low downforce package was tested at 1.5 mile tracks last season, Keselowski scored over 100 fantasy points in both races. This year Brad has a 10th place finish and a win at 1.5 mile tracks with the new low downforce package. At Texas, BK has 6 top 10’s in the last 7 and the 2nd highest driver rating over the last 5 Texas races.

5. Joey Logano – First of all, Logano lasted a whole 10 laps in last Fall’s Texas race. He blew a tire and wrecked; it happens. Before the wreck, Logano had an average finish of 5th over the last 5 Texas races. Aside from that mistake, Logano was the best intermediate track driver last season (avg. finish of 5th excluding Texas). Last season’s low downforce tests went well for Logano (two tops 5’s and an average of 60 fantasy points). Logano has looked good at intermediate tracks this season. He finished 2nd at Las Vegas (closer in comparison to Texas) and 12th at Atlanta after a pit road penalty and a loose wheel issue.


1. Austin Dillon – This has been a breakout season for the 3 car. Martinsville was another great day for man and machine. In last Fall’s Texas race, Dillon finished 11th. In the Charlotte fall race (nearly identical track), he finished 7th.

2. Ryan Blaney – The unofficial Team Penske rookie has looked strong at intermediate tracks this year. Blaney ran inside the top 15 all day at Atlanta until a last lap wreck. At Las Vegas, Blaney finished 6th (avg. position of 7th). Blaney had 4 top 20s at intermediate tracks last year. Don’t worry about Blaney’s blown engine in last Spring’s Texas race. The Wood Brother’s alliance was not as tight as it is this year.

3. Brian Vickers – What’s left to prove? Vickers ran well before a mechanical failure ruined his day at Vegas (22nd average position). He finished 13th at Fontana and looked like a star all weekend at Martinsville with his number atop the scoring pylon and finishing 7th. Even if the 14 car finally earns a price bump, he’s still a great play.


Kyle Busch – Fontana is a track where Kyle dominates, but he finished 25th. Martinsville is a track where Kyle has never won, and he won. Make it 5 top 5’s in 6 races this season.

Carl Edwards – Track history is an accurate predictor of Martinsville results. Edwards admittedly struggles at Martinsville, but he found a way to grab his 5th top 10 on the year.

Kevin Harvick – Don’t sweat Harvick’s finish. He ran up front all day and once again, had a car with top 3 speed (71 fast laps). His 83 fantasy points at Martinsville is only 1 point less than what he was averaging before the race.


Jimmie Johnson (Fall 2015)
Jimmie Johnson (Spring 2015)
Jimmie Johnson (Fall 2014)
Joey Logano (Spring 2014)
Jimmie Johnson (Fall 2013)


Jimmie Johnson – Look at the track history! Jimmie loves it here. Just name the track after him already.