Another week, another race. Here we’ll break down all the most important Daily Fantasy NASCAR information in order to drive your success! The information below is provided by DraftKings. The information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.

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1. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – $10,300 – That stats are overwhelmingly in favor of Junior. There are a lot of intriguing restrictor plate stats to dig through, but average position is the most informative. Junior’s game plan last season was to stay up front and avoid wrecks; Make a move late and win the race. It worked out pretty well for him. He just missed winning the Daytona 500 pole by a tenth of a second, but it seems likely that he’ll start in the top three rows on Sunday.

2. Joey Logano – $9,600 – Penske has put together a restrictor plate car that rivals Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s ride. Keselowski ran out front all night in The Sprint Unlimited and Logano was right there with him, wasting no time moving from 25th to the front of the field. Logano won two plate races last year, and it doesn’t appear to be a fluke. Logano may be the best driver in NASCAR.

3. Denny Hamlin – $8,600 – The good news is that Hamlin won the Sprint Unlimited; the bad news is that it’s extremely rare to win both the Sprint Unlimited and the Daytona 500. Hamlin doesn’t have the victories, but in terms of all around performance, Hamlin has fared better than Logano at Talladega and Daytona in 2015. Fading Junior and rostering Hamlin in his place is not an option at this point. Logano, Hamlin, and others should all be consider in addition to Earnhardt, Jr.

4. Jimmie Johnson – $9,900 – Hendrick can build an engine for Daytona. Just look who won the pole (Chase Elliott). Jimmie Johnson’s no slouch either. Junior gets a lot of credit for restrictor plate success, but there is always a Hendrick car right behind him helping him out. Jimmie had 3 top 5s at plate races last year. At two of those races, he helped pushed Junior ahead and finished second. Of all the combos to consider in the Daytona 500, the Hendrick combo is number one.

5. Kurt Busch – $8,800 – True or False: Kurt Busch has never won a restrictor plate race. That’s true. Although Kurt has never reached victory lane, he’s raced well at plate tracks. His top 5 and top 10 percentage at restrictor plate races is the 3rd highest in NASCAR. He’s safely finished inside the top 15 in his last 5 plate races. The most important stat of all – he’s due. Kurt should be the lowest owned of the top 5 and could be the key to winning the Daytona 500 GPPs.

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1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – $7,100 – He did it again. Stenhouse survived another plate race and finished inside the top 10 at the Sprint Unlimited. Stenhouse is an underrated restrictor plate racer. His restrictor plate top 20 percentage ranks first (75%). The man known for wrecking doesn’t wreck at the race where everyone wrecks. Go figure. Not to mention, he was the 5th fastest in qualifying.

2. Austin Dillon – $7,600 – One of the worst restrictor plate wrecks in years did not faze Austin Dillon. He went to Talladega a couple months later and finished inside the top 15. He’s an underrated plate racer. In his 8 plate races as a full time Sprint Cup driver, he has 7 top 15s.

3. Michael Waltrip – $6,300 – Everytime I get a chance to mention Mikey, I take it. Waltrip’s had a wonderfully horrible career, but at plate races, he’s worked his magic. Last fall at Talladega, Waltrip scored 57 fantasy points. He also scored -3 points in the Spring Talladega race. Look up longshot in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Mikey.


Joey Logano – $9,600 – 2016 started right where 2015 left off. Logano wasted no time moving to the front of the field and staying there throughout the Sprint Unlimited.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $10,300 – At plate races in 2015, Junior had a driver rating of 124.7 and an average running position of 4th.

Denny Hamlin – $8,600 – Besides Junior, Denny Hamlin is the next best plate racer. Hamlin had the second highest driver rating at plate tracks last season and he continued to roll by kicking off 2016 with a Sprint Unlimited win.


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Summer 2015)
Joey Logano (Spring 2015)
Aric Almirola (Summer 2014)
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Spring 2014)


Dale Earnhardt, Jr. – $10,300 – Unofficially, he’s won the last three plate races. This is The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.