Another week, another race. Here we’ll break down all the most important Daily Fantasy NASCAR information in order to drive your success! The information below is provided by DraftKings. The information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.


1. Kyle Busch – $10,400 – It’s almost as if Kyle Busch’s championship season never ended. He leads the league in wins (3). His 19.4% laps lead is the most in NASCAR. No one is close to his 9 top 5s. In the 4 intermediate track races, his average finish is 2nd. That’s jaw dropping. The 2016 low downforce rules package is a major part of the action at intermediate tracks, and no one handles a loose racecar better than Kyle Busch. He’s never won at Charlotte, but his 42% top 5 finish rate ranks 2nd. That’s not even the worst of it. Kyle Busch has the best average pit time in NASCAR. Races are won on pit road this season. How do you beat Kyle Busch?

2. Jimmie Johnson – $10,200 – It’s impossible for Jimmie to live up to expectations. He’s a 6 time Sprint Cup Champion with more wins than Dale Earnhardt, Sr. He has the best average finish at intermediate tracks. If he doesn’t win, we’re disappointed. That may be unfair, but it’s true. Johnson has the most wins at Charlotte (7) and 4 of those wins were memorial day race wins. The change to the new 2016 low downforce package hasn’t affected Johnson. He has 3 top 5’s at 1.5 mile track races, including a 4th place finish at Texas (a track identical to Charlotte).

3. Kevin Harvick – $10,500 – This is the fastest car in NASCAR. Harvick is faster than Kyle Busch, and it isn’t debatable. The fast laps go to Harvick each week (13.2% compared to Kyle Busch’s 8.9%). Maybe that doesn’t seem like a large number, but it is. Kyle Busch has led more laps (19.4% to Harvick’s 16.3%). The car that runs up front in clean air has a significant aerodynamic advantage, that driver should run the most fast laps, but it hasn’t. This proves two things. Harvick is fast, and that Harvick is miserable on pit road. You cannot lead the race, if you give up positions on pit road. Harvick could have led 300 laps at Dover, but his pit crew struggled. At Charlotte, a good day on pit road will mean monster daily fantasy points for Harvick.

4. Carl Edwards – $10,300 – The disturbed aerodynamic downforce (or dirty air) is a brick wall for trailing cars. It’s the leader with a banana peel in Mario Kart. The best way to pass the leader is on pit road with lightning fast pit stops. Edwards has the 2nd best average pit road time, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he has 2 wins and 8 top 10s. Don’t believe that pit times and strategy matter? How did Edwards win last year’s 600 mile Memorial Day race? Pit Stop Strategy.

5. Martin Truex, Jr. – $9,800 – Last Summer, Truex blazed through NASCAR. From Kansas to Michigan, May and June were all about the 78 car. Fast forward to 2016. What happened at Kansas? Truex led the most laps and ran the most fast laps. What about the next week at Dover? Truex ran the second most fast laps (one less than the leader) and led the 4th most laps. Truex finished inside the top 5 in both Charlotte races last season with the most fantasy points in the Spring race and the second most in the Fall race.


1. Kyle Larson – $8,400 – Some drivers win with great cars. Some drivers win with great pit crews. Larson gets to the front by driving the wheels off of the car. Bristol, Kansas, Dover and the All-Star race were all possible wins, but Larson fell short. He is going to win soon, and when he does he will lead a lot of laps in the process.

2. Kasey Kahne – $8,000 – Charlotte is one of Kahne’s best tracks. His four wins at this intermediate track ranks 2nd among active drivers. His struggles over the last two seasons make him a dark horse, but he’s quietly turning things around. Kahne has two top 5s in his last 4 races. He finished 8th at Texas (similar intermediate track).

3. Austin Dillon – $8,200 – The Coca-Cola 600 is a strategy race. The crew chief has to know when to pit and when not to pit, when to take 4 tires and when to take 2 tires. The crew chief must know how to change the car as the race turns from day to night. Slugger Labbe is one the best in the business. He took over the 3 car is middle of last season, and Austin Dillon has become a top tier driver. Dillon has the 6th best average finish at 1.5 mile tracks this season.


Kyle Busch – $10,400 – The 2016 low downforce package should be called the Kyle Busch package. He’s averaging a 2nd place finish at intermediate tracks this season.

Kurt Busch – $9,000 – No one is talking about Kurt, but he’s on a 6 race top 10 streak (longest in NASCAR). His 10 top 10’s leads the league.

Kyle Larson – $8,400 – “Almost” is Kyle’s new nickname. He almost won at Kansas, and then at Dover the next week. Worst of all, he almost won one million dollars at the all-star race.


Joey Logano (Fall 2015)
Carl Edwards (Spring 2015)
Kevin Harvick (Fall 2014)
Jimmie Johnson (Spring 2014)
Brad Keselowski (Fall 2013)


Kyle Busch – $10,400 – He’s the man to beat in 2016. He’s never won at Charlotte, but that did not stop him at Martinsville or Kansas.