Another week, another race. Here we’ll break down all the most important Daily Fantasy NASCAR information in order to drive your success! The information below is provided by DraftKings. The information is not developed or provided by NASCAR, Inc., or its affiliates.

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1. Jimmie Johnson – Dover is Jimmie’s house. His domination at this track is frightening. He has 10 wins at this high banked 1 mile track. The 48 was dominant for the first third of the year, but he has been just a little above average since. Jimmie has been solid in the first two Chase races. Actually, the equipment might have been better than the driver in those races. All things aside, this is Dover, Jimmie is a lock.

2. Kevin Harvick – His season was on the line last week, and he responded with a huge daily fantasy performance (105 pts). Unfortunately, Harvick ran out of gas with 2 laps left. Harvick must win this week or his season is over. This is the best car, the best driver, and a must win situation. Harvick scored 101 points in the June Dover race.

3. Matt Kenseth – The 20 car was having a good year, but when Kyle Busch returned to JGR, it energized Kenseth (4 wins and 12 top 10s since late May). Kenseth ran into mechanical issues at Dover in the first race, but in general, this is a good track for Kenseth (4th best average finish).

4. Denny Hamlin – In the first Dover race, Hamlin had the car to beat. Hamlin was at the top of every practice session and led 118 laps (2nd most). In the end, The 11 car’s day was ruined by bad luck (Clint Bowyer wrecked him). That was before JGR really turned it on, and Hamlin is as hot as a firecracker right now (average finish of 3rd over the last 6 races).

5. Brad Keselowski – Harvick and Keselowski had the best cars at New Hampshire. Harvick ran out of gas and BK got hit with a questionable penalty that forced him to the back of the lead lap. There’s no reason for anything to change this week. BK has finished inside the top 5 in the 3 of the last 5 Dover races.


1. Kyle Larson – It’s become commonplace for the kid to be a long shot pick. He’s ran well over the last two months and consistently has a fast car. At Dover, Larson has finished 3rd, 6th, and 11th. The 3rd place finish was earlier this year with the 2015 rules package. Larson is always a risk when he starts inside the top 15, but in the June race, Larson ran 97.5% of his laps inside the top 15.

2. Clint Bowyer – Clint is usually strong at short tracks, but MWR has missed on setups a couple times this year. All should be well at Dover. Bowyer has finished inside the top 10 in each of his last 9 races at Dover. Bowyer must win to advance to the second round of the playoffs.

3. Jeff Gordon – On one hand, Gordon has a 10 point cushion in the playoffs. On the other, the cars behind him in points are very strong (Harvick, Earnhardt Jr., and Kyle Busch). Gordon must finish inside the top 10 to be safe. The Rainbow Warrior has showed his age over the last couple years, but not at Dover. He won last fall and has 4 top 5s in the last 3 years.


Denny Hamlin – He’s about as hot as Kyle Busch was earlier this summer. He stole the race at Chicago and was running up front late in the New Hampshire race. He’s been the best driver in NASCAR over the last 6 races.

Matt Kenseth – New Hampshire was his second fuel mileage win. Some say it’s luck, but winning a fuel mileage race takes skill. Kenseth pressured Harvick just enough, and nursed his car home for the victory. This was his 4th win in the last 8 races.

Joey Logano – It’s between Logano and Edwards. Logano is averaging a 4th place finish over his 7 race top 10 streak. Edwards has a 7 race top 11 streak with an average finish of 6th. Advantage Logano.


Jimmie Johnson (Spring 2015)
Jeff Gordon (Fall 2014)
Jimmie Johnson (Spring 2014)
Jimmie Johnson (Fall 2013)
Tony Stewart (Spring 2013)


Jimmie Johnson – No one dominates a single track the way that Johnson dominates Dover. Someday there will be a Jimmie Johnson statue next to Miles the Monster; preferably he’ll be stabbing a sword through Miles’ heart.