There are four day games today, and another eleven at night. We have contests for both groups of games, with game sets at 12:10 and then 7:05 EST. This article will contain daily fantasy baseball targets from both groups, at every position and price range. Good luck!

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Starting Pitchers


Lance Lynn vs. MIL ($8,700) – LATE – With strikeout ability (nine in his first outing), and a decent matchup at home against the Brewers, if he can get the W, he is the highest-upside pitcher of the evening.

Trevor Bauer vs. CWS ($7,300) – EARLY – The White Sox have been unable to put together many big innings so far, which is what you would worry about with Bauer. And with 11 K’s in his first outing this season, plus a good shot at the win, Bauer is a quality option for relatively short money.


Edinson Volquez @ MIN ($6,200) – LATE – He dominated in his first game of the year, going eight strong innings – too many more outings like that one and this price will start to change. Also, he is facing the Twins, and, in case you weren’t aware, they have the same number of runs scored right now as the Phillies.

USATSI_8511928_168381090_lowresDrew Pomeranz @ HOU ($6,100) – LATE – After starting the year off with a bang, going seven innings with no runs and only two hits against Seattle, he gets Houston. For a guy who wasn’t sure he’d have a rotation spot at the beginning of the spring, the first couple weeks of the season are lining up nicely for him.




Carlos Santana vs. John Danks ($4,400) – EARLY – Let’s go out on a limb here and say he is not going to continue to hit .333 all year long. But with double-digit fantasy production in two straight, I certainly have no problem getting him active in your lineups.

Buster Posey vs. Tyler Matzak ($4,300)- LATE – Posey will be back behind the plate on Wednesday, where he gives you a good option for power from behind the plate, with two home runs already on the young season.


Travis d’Arnaud @ Collin McHugh ($3,800) – LATE – I almost felt I had to get him in the column now, because he might be too expensive to in the near future. He is hitting .286 with six RBI on the young season. Even in a tough matchup with McHugh, he should have a chance for some production hitting sixth in this lineup.

Yasmani Grandal vs. Taijuan Walker ($3,300) – LATE – Grandal can be hit or miss, but Walker will need to show improvement before you stop trusting just about everyone against him (or until he’s not in the rotation). The young pitcher only lasted three innings last time out, and the Dodgers will look to have him on the run early in this one as well.

First Basemen


Joey Votto @ Travis Wood ($4,900) – LATE – Slugging .750 with an OPS over 1.1, there is no reason to think this matchup with Wood is what’s going to finally slow him down.


Adrian Gonzalez vs. Taijuan Walker ($4,100) – LATE – It’s going to be really easy to recommend Dodgers in this matchup after the performance from Walker last time out, and that goes double for Gonzalez, who is slugging 1.259 so far this season. If you know one thing about slugging %, know this: 1.259 is good. Real good. Even if it is completely unsustainable, it represents a hot streak I’d like to be a part of.



Mitch Moreland vs. Hector Santiago ($3,600) – EARLY – The Rangers offense against Santiago might very well start looking like an offense you would want to avoid whenever possible, not the way they have looked so far this season. Moreland is a cheap option for a reason, because the upside is limited, but in this matchup, I don’t see a floor of zero – I imagine most of these guys being on base at least once in this one.

Lucas Duda vs. Jerome Williams ($3,500) – LATE – Duda is not a power threat, but with his recent move up in the batting order, he has a chance to produce when the Mets can start to get guys moving around the base paths, something that could definitely happen against this Phillies squad.

Second Basemen


Robinson Cano @ Brett Anderson ($4,900) – LATE – Cano is struggling so far, but this matchup with left-handed Anderson might be exactly the antidote he needs to kick-start is season. He is not the safest play on the board, but even as the most expensive second baseman on the board, there is still room for his price to go up from here, quickly.

Ian Kinsler @ Francisco Liriano ($4,100) – LATE – Liriano is not an easy matchup, of course, but in this one, something has got to give. And the Tigers are not going to give easy. And Kinsler is a big piece of their big innings, with 12 hits on the year and an OBP of almost .500.


Jonathan Schoop vs. Nathan Eovaldi ($3,800) – LATE – Schoop has flashed decent power for a middle infielder so far this season, and it is going to be easy to recommend a bunch of the less expensive options in what could be a high scoring affair.

Stephen Drew @ Bud Norris ($3,600) – LATE – See the analysis above. For guys on good offenses, getting into a matchup like this Eovaldi v. Norris tilt tonight is always a good thing for potential fantasy value.

Third Basemen


Josh Donaldson vs. UNK TB ($6,000) – LATE – We are not sure yet who Tampa Bay is trotting out there tonight, so you might want to pause to consider that before getting some of Toronto’s studs in there. But, you do know this much: they won’t be facing an ace, and anything less than that is acceptable with this offense right now. This could be a chance for Donaldson to get uncorked.

Todd Frazier @ Travis Wood ($4,800) – LATE – Travis Wood didn’t make it through five innings last time out, and if he doesn’t have his best stuff, he is the kind of pitcher who will definitely see contact, and balls in the outfield. And Frazier, with three HRs on the year, is the kind of hitter who could take advantage of that.


Martin Prado vs. Eric Stults ($3,800) – EARLY – Prado is a veteran without a lot of pop left in his bat, but he was recently moved up to hit cleanup, and any kind of increased potential for production is valuable in a matchup where Miami might actually be able to score some runs.

Mike Aviles vs. Travis Wood ($3,400) – EARLY – Being able to get in on some of these Indians might make for a compelling case as to why you want to play during the early slate of games. Avails could be a cheap way to reap the rewards, as he should continue to see playing time until Bradley returns.



Billy Hamilton @ Travis Wood ($4,800) – LATE – He’s is batting lead-off, and so he should have plenty of chances to produce some fantasy value if Wood falters at all. And with seven steals on the season already, you are just hoping to see him get on base.

Dee Gordon @ Eric Stults ($4,700) – EARLY – Gordon has been a stud, and he represents, here, another reason to wake up early to set those first lineups. He is a threat to hit for extra bases, steal bases, drive in and score runs – he’s exactly the kind of player you want on your team (both real and fantasy).


Jimmy Rollins @ Taijuan Walker ($3,700) – LATE – He already has four extra base hits and two steals on the season, and will hopefully have plenty of chances to get some help from his teammates (either scoring runs or driving him in) in this matchup with Walker.

Jean Segura @ Lance Lynn ($3,700) – LATE – Despite a less than ideal matchup, this seems like a low price tag for Segura’s talent, as he is hitting .304 with a .882 OPS and the potential for a steal on any given night.



Jose Bautista vs. UNK TB ($6,000) – LATE – Again, Tampa Bay is not running an ace out there at the last minute. Bautista is not someone you really need to worry too much about splits with, because he produces against everyone. And besides, you won’t need to finalize your lineup until after you know who is pitching, so if a lineup change it warranted, you’ll have time.

Giancarlo Stanton @ Eric Stults ($5,200) – EARLY – He is only hitting .130, and still has an OBP over .300, which shows remarkable plate discipline. That, to me, is a sign that the hits could return, and there is no better time than the present.


Adam Jones vs. Nathan Eovaldi ($4,900) – LATE – Yes, please. I want to get my hands on some O’s and some Yanks tonight, and where better to start than with Adam Jones, he of the .440 average and 1.38 OPS so far on the year. He has over 22 fantasy points in three of his last four, which is seriously taking advantage of ALL your opportunities.


Jacoby Ellsbury @ Bud Norris ($4,900) – LATE – Yes, another Yankee. Bud Norris is not someone who strikes fear into your hearts, and if you don’t want to take my word for it, Las Vegas has set this game with the highest over/under line of the day. I am not the only one expecting offense.


Angel Pagan vs. Tyler Matzek ($3,900) – LATE – Pagan has doubles power, if not real home run capabilities. But if the Giants are scoring any runs (which is why you have to wait for a decent pitching matchup), Pagan is probably helping out by getting on base and raking a few into the gaps in key moments.

Chris Young @ Bud Norris ($3,800) – LATE – Chris Young is not just a “value play.” He could be a cornerstone in this matchup if he keeps up his recently level of play. FYI, that “recent level” looks like this: fantasy outbursts of 18 and 19 points in two of his last three games, both of which included HRs, RBI and runs scored. Good way to do it.

Chris Coghlan vs. Jason Marquis ($3,800) – LATE – Coghlan is hitting .325 with an OPS over 1.4, with a pair of home runs already. Just in case you’d never heard of him. This isn’t the best matchup with Marquis, but Coghlan might be getting a ton less time on the field in the near future, so it’s nice to take advantage of the value in the young prospect while you still have the chance. Make sure you check his lineup status just prior to gam-time.

Sam Fuld @ Collin McHugh ($3,700) – LATE – Hitting .357 with a .990 OPS, you have to assume that will slow down in a big way, but his usefulness remains, at least for now. In terms of DFS, he has at least one hit in six of his eight games thus far, giving the A’s offense another boost just when reports of their demise were starting to surface. Good timing. 

Whether you’re getting into the early games or the late – or both – good luck!