CS:GO top targets

Friday’s blockbuster CS:GO matchup is Faze facing Astralis. G2 against Vitality is another delectable game in the offing. We take a look at some players that could make your roster in DraftKings late CS:GO slate.

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Zywoo ($15,600)
Zywoo or Niko ($14,700) for Captain is not an easy choice. Eventually, the decision came down to quality of opponent. With due respect to G2, they aren’t quite at the same skill level as No. 1 Astralis. Hence, Zywoo wins out slightly. He had a quality game against Ninjas in Pyjamas despite a tricky start. He had 79 kills and 64 deaths with an ADR of 77.4.

Others to consider: Niko ($14,700)

High-priced flex options

Niko ($10,200)
Niko wasn’t far away from 100 kills in his previous best-of-three game. That’s a terrific achievement by any standards. Niko has been absolutely sensational this year and that is evident with Faze’s rapid ascent up the CS:GO rankings. If he is not your Captain, he has to at least make up one flex position.

Device ($9,000)
It has been quite a sight to see Device’s return to form during this tournament. Fortunately for Astralis, his confidence has coincided with their return to No. 1 in the global CS:GO rankings. He had yet another +20 K-D game against G2 in their previous game. He added 52 kills and just 25 deaths to his ADR of 91.6. He even had an ace in the second map. Not a tough decision to add Device.

Hunter ($7,600)
Hunter’s resuscitation back to form is a fantastic sign for G2. That helped them tremendously on Thursday as Hunter’s offensive fluency helped G2 stave off the challenge from Heretics 2-1. Hunter finished with 75 kills along with 65 deaths with a game-leading average damage output per round of 94.1. He will be needed again on Friday.

Others to consider: Magisk ($8,200).

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Value flex options

KennyS ($7,400)
In stark contrast to his usual efficiency, KennyS had an awful game on Thursday against Heretics. KennyS just did not find any momentum, which was quite unusual for a player of his caliber. He wasn’t getting into the right positions to attack and frequently paid the price, eventually finishing with a game-low K-D of -22 (46 kills and 68 deaths). Still, that provides an opportunity in this game because his price is extremely low.

Dupreeh ($6,400)
Somehow, Dupreeh has fallen off in a dramatic way over the last few weeks for Astralis. He is a fantastic addition to this Astralis team, and that is unlikely to change despite their new signing in Jugi. Dupreeh had 32 kills and 31 deaths against G2. I can’t say for sure that he will beat that offensive production against Faze, but at this price, he doesn’t have to. He just needs a solid game to provide a high ROI.

Others to consider: Coldzera ($6,200), Nexa ($7,000).

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.