Week One of DFS Soccer is finally here on DraftKings and I could not be more excited if I was five years old and it were Christmas morning! Without further ado I’ll go position by position and give my top play, a mid-salary player I like to have a good game along with a couple of value plays. As it’s the first week I’ll also give a brief description of the type of players/stats I think we should be looking for at each position from week to week.


The win is clearly a significant factor, if you can get a goalie who keeps a clean sheet and picks up a win that is an instant +10pts for your team, this is going to be a must on most weeks to have a shot at a GPP win. However, with a save at +2 these points can really mount up fast in the right circumstances, (think Tim Howard setting records in the World Cup) if you can get that goalie who faces a lot of shots but keeps them all out, you could double the score of a guy who’s team dominates and he only has 1 or 2 saves to make all match. For this reason, taking a goalie in a game where his side should keep a clean sheet but he won’t face many shots, may be sub-optimal in a GPP, though the safe way to go in cash. On to my picks:

David De Gea $5,200 – Probably the safest play of the week, with new additions Daley Blind and Marcos Rojo strengthening the back line I like Man Utd to come away with a Clean Sheet and Win here for De Gea, though he may not face too many shots.

Wojciech Szczesny $3,800 – This is my GPP tip for the week, Aston Villa like to defend and counter attack on opponents, he should face some shots this way, however the Arsenal defense is yet to keep a Clean Sheet this season in 4 games, I think they have a good opportunity in this game and Szczesny makes an interesting play at his mid-tier price.

There are no value plays at goalkeeper who jump out at me this week, most are similar in price to Szczesny who I like more, however if you want a GPP contrarian play, consider Alan McGregor of Hull at $3,000.


So in Defense we are looking for players on teams we think will keep a clean sheet, obviously, but also players who are going to look to get forward and pad our stats in other ways. This is the perfect place to take attacking full backs who like to get down the wings and cross the ball, draw fouls and hopefully grab you an assist or goal too. If you can find a defender who also takes his teams set pieces (Corners, Free Kicks and Penalties) that is a huge plus in a GPP.

Eric Dier $4,400 – burst on to the scene to start the season with Tottenham, grabbing goals in each of the first two games. He also has 7 crosses through 4 games and loves to get forward, given the potential for a clean sheet too, he makes a solid play this week.

Leighton Baines $3,500 – My favorite defender of the week and its not even close. Assists in each of the last two games as well as a goal and an assist in Europe in midweek, Baines also takes a lot of Everton’s Free Kicks and all of their penalties, this is invaluable in a full back and in a home game with potential for a clean sheet, he will be in almost all of my lineups.

Kieran Gibbs & Calum Chambers both $2,000 – I have paired these guys as at least one, if not both will draw the start for Arsenal this week at the full back positions. In a very attack minded team there is always the chance of an assist or points off crosses, though Arsenal do not rely on crosses as much as other teams, both of these guys reflect good value at minimum salary.


Goals, Assists, Shots (preferably on goal), Crosses and Fouls Drawn. Those are the stats we are concerned with here. So a possession midfielder who sits in the middle, controls the game with short passes and lets others do all the attacking, not what we want. Give me the speedy wingers and guys who love to get in the box and join the striker.

Angel Di Maria and Raheem Sterling both $9,200 – These two are my top guys this week, Di Maria may get a slight edge due to matchup but its close. They run at players, if you don’t foul them, they are gone and are either crossing, or shooting, I like both to tally either a goal or an assist this week if not both.

Nathan Dyer $5,600 – This is effectively a poor mans Raheem Sterling, Dyer fills the same role for Swansea, his job is to get forward, commit defenders and either cross the ball for the striker or take on the shot himself, great upside at a cheap salary in what should be an open and attacking game.

For value plays, I’m going to list three who I cannot be certain will start, but if they do, represent great value in their respective teams; Aiden McGeady $3,300, Samir Nasri $3,100 and Antonio Valencia $3,000.


We are looking for the same stats as from midfield here, but mainly what you want is goals, and lots of them.

Depending on your price point there are a lot of plays this week though I would recommend paying up at striker.

Diego Costa $12,400 – Otherwise known as Goal Machine, 7 in 4 games speaks for itself, matchup with Man City combined with price may put some people off, but he is as close to matchup proof as you are going to get right now.

Alexis Sanchez $10,000 – Will be popular this week and with good reason, he is at the heart of everything good Arsenal do offensively and has goals in his last 3 league games.

Romelu Lukaku $8,900 – This is a plus matchup for Lukaku, at home to a Crystal Palace side who he should dominate physically, I think he provides great upside this week.

Wilfried Bony $4,200 – Is basically a cheaper version of Lukaku, if you are looking to pay down I think he is a viable option. He was used as a substitute for the last game after international duty with the Ivory Coast but should be ready and raring to go this week.