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A two-game slate that doesn’t include the top teams in a competition presents a different challenge. We take you through some players that could convert these challenges into an opportunity.

Set your lineups here: LOL $125K Titan’s Fury [$25K to 1st] (LPL)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting lineups have been confirmed.


Angel ($10,500)
A Mid laner for Suning comes with its responsibilities. Suning are a middling team as is evidenced from their 7-7 games record to date. Angel has stepped up in that role, providing offensive depth and aggression. He has averaged 5.07 kills, seventh in the Spring split. That is a fair indicator of how he has surpassed expectations in this campaign. He also chips in with 5.71 assists per game.

Others to consider: Maple ($11,400)


Flandre ($6,400)
In the absence of some of the best players in the split, player salaries are enticing for top laners and junglers. One such example is Flandre despite his lofty price of $6,400. As a top laner, you would be pleased with your effort if you’re averaging more kills than deaths and contributing with assists. Flandre checks all those boxes with 3.19 kills, 2.94 deaths and 6.44 assists.

Others to consider: Morgan ($6,000)


Beishang ($7,000)
Beishang has been underwhelming this season. He is arguably the most powerful jungler on this slate, but he doesn’t quite have the numbers to back that statement up. His best statistic is the 6.17 assists he registers on average every game. However, there is certainly potential and class characteristics that you can always bank on despite an apparent lack of form.


Maple ($7,600)
Considering Mid laners are very important players on your roster, it might be prudent to splurge a little extra on them. Maple is slightly overpriced but he will also have a solid game, like he has been doing in the split so far. His average of 76.8 DKFP is the highest for any Mid in this slate. That has been built on very solid offensive numbers of 3.94 kills and 5.81 assists, giving him a KDA ratio of 7.09, ninth in the LPL.


Zwuji ($7,400)
Zwuji has 4.13 kills and 6.63 assists so far in the split. From an offensive standpoint, that isn’t bad at all. However, his high death rate of 2.81 has drastically brought his KDA down to 3.82. Yet, he is putting up in excess of 70 DKFP per game. Zwuji probably wouldn’t find place in a roster if bigger teams were in play, but for this slate he will do a solid job.

Others to consider: Jiumeng ($8,000)


SwordArt ($5,000)
SwordArt has also been a stable contributor in this split for Suning. He would like to take his assists closer to 10 to become a real force in the LPL. He would also like to improve upon his death rate of 3.14. Apart from that, he has performed effectively in his support role, racking up 9.36 assists per game, ninth in the LPL.

Others to consider: Duan ($5,400)


LNG Esports ($5,200)
In this slate, the likelihood is you have the liberty to pick any team without needing to look at your remaining budget. In that case, LNG Esports will make a good pick to round out your team. LNG are sixth in the standings with a 4-2 series and 9-7 games record. Suning will be hard to displace, but LNG should come out in front.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.