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Monday’s action from the LPL will see top-placed Invictus face eStar, positioned second in the standings. We take a look at the matchups that might matter from that and the other two games in DraftKings’ three-game slate which locks at 2 a.m. ET.

Set your lineups here: LOL $100K Titan’s Fury [$20K to 1st] (LPL)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Starting lineups have been confirmed.


Wink ($11,100)
There are three terrific options to lead your fantasy roster in this slate: Wink, Cryin ($10,800) and Puff ($12,000). Ideally, you’d want to have all three at differing points in your roster. To allow that, Wink is the best choice for captain because Puff is also an ADC. With Wink as captain, you can go for Cryin as Mid and Puff as ADC. That additionally allows you to save some of your purse because Wink is significantly cheaper than Puff.

Others to consider: Cryin ($11,100)


TheShy ($6,800)
TheShy has been and will continue to remain one of the most aggressive top laners in the Pro League. Against LGD on Thursday, he finished with a combined KDA of 11/11/22 in three games. That performance, more or less, mirrored his split performance to date. He has a KDA of 4.07/4.73/7.93. That death rate is far too high, but that is also due to his preferred offensive style.

Others to consider: 369 ($6,400)


Wei ($6,400)
Wei’s form has been so good this season that he has nearly camouflaged as a support player. He is averaging 9.88 assists this season, an extremely high number for a jungler. He has the same deaths to kills rate (2.76). That gives him a lofty KDA of 4.57. It’s no surprise, therefore, that he is leading all junglers in this slate with an average of 81.1 DKFP.


Cryin ($7,200)
Here is where you benefit from the results of your previous decisions. Picking Wink as captain allows you to draft Cryin as your mid laner. He has been simply sensational for eStar in conjunction with ADC Wink. Cryin has more than five kills per game, has kept his death rate to two per game and contributes with 8.41 assists per game as well.

Others to consider: Rookie ($7,600)


Puff ($8,000)
Over his career, Puff has flown under the radar of some much bigger players. Now, he is starting to break through. He is leading the entire Spring Split of the LPL in terms of killing efficiency, with 6.47 per game. For that level of aggression, it’s natural to have a high death rate too, but he doesn’t (2.27 deaths per game). These numbers are now entering MVP territory.

Others to consider: Hope ($7,800)


ShiauC ($5,000)
Southwind is a very potent option for support as well. However, at this point of your roster selection, you might be severely strapped for cash. That’s where ShiauC provides his value because his return is far higher than his price. He is averaging 10.41 assists per game, third in the LPL. He also averages more kills (1.65) than Southwind (0.93).

Others to consider: Southwind ($5,800)


eStar ($4,600)
This will be a blockbuster match-up in the LPL. First-placed Invictus Gaming takes on second-placed eStar. Both teams have won six series and 12 games. Invictus has been more efficient, with a 12-3 games record compared to eStar’s 12-5 record. These subtle factors might not matter on game day, which makes eStar’s price far too good to pass up.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.