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A stellar line-up of fixtures awaits on Friday in both the LPL and the LCK, with T1, eStar and FunPlus Phoenix in action. We break down some picks for you to consider from another six-game slate.

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Wink ($12,900)
If there is a player that overshadows Doinb, Cryin and Lwx, then it’s not a tough choice for Captain. Wink has been in sensational form in the LPL, aggregating 5.68 kills (second best in the split) with a KDA of 8.26, also second best in the LPL for any player to have played at least seven games. His price is slightly high, but he is also the only player to average over 100 DKFP (102.7 DKFP).

Others to consider: Doinb ($12,000)


Flandre ($5,600)
For a top laner, there are a few boxes that your pick has to check. Here’s how Flandre is doing.

· Price: At $5,600, Flandre provides a budget selection.
· Kills to deaths ratio: Flandre averages 3 kills and 3.05 deaths. Not bad.
· Contributing capacity: Averages 6.21 assists, taking his KDA to 3.02.
· DKFP: With 67.7 DKFP, he provides value for his price.

Others to consider: XiaoBai ($7,200)


Cuzz ($6,400)
Going for Kanavi ($7,400) is extremely enticing but avoid that temptation if you can. A smart jungler selection will allow you to splurge on aggressive roles. Cuzz fits that role because he provides value at $6,400. He has some solid numbers to back him up. He is averaging 1.65 kills and 6.96 assists, with a very respectable KDA of 6.83.


Cryin ($8,200)
There is a downside to this choice because that means you leave Doinb out. However, picking Cryin allows you to stack players from eStar, who are sitting atop the LPL Spring standings. Along with Wink, Cryin will provide nearly all the kills from eStar. Cryin has 5.11 kills and 8.74 assists as an average. When compared to Doinb, these numbers are better, albeit only marginally.

Others to consider: Doinb ($8,000)


Lwx ($8,200)
This is where you spend a little extra to draft a bankable star. Lwx keeps his death rate low, to 1.85 per game. That has allowed his KDA to balloon closer to 6 (5.94). Apart from Wink, he is the most productive ADC in this slate, registering an average of 86.7 DKFP per game. On account of Lwx and Doinb’s skill, FunPlus Phoenix are challenging the top teams in the LPL.

Others to consider: Loken ($7,600)


Crisp ($6,400)
With eStar and FunPlus Phoenix in action, you’re plausibly going to have some tough decisions. With respect to the support role, the choice is between Crisp and ShiauC ($6,600). Crisp is averaging 11 assists, second in the LPL, behind ShiauC’s 11.11 assists. Crisp keeps his death rate low to 2.05 compared to ShiauC’s 2.95. That means that even though Crisp’s kill rate is significantly lower than ShiauC, he has a higher KDA (5.54).

Others to consider: ShiauC ($6,600)


eStar ($5,800)
eStar have the highest winning percentage in the LPL in both series and games. It’s no surprise that they are comfortable at the top of the Spring standings. FunPlus Phoenix are facing a tricky opponent in Oh My God, which affords eStar an opportunity to pull away from the rest in this match. They are leading all teams in this slate in DKFP (58.8) as well.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.